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Released on: 13, June 2007
, Author: Likno Software
, Audience: Software related

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACTVicky Pallis, Marketing Version 1.1.132 of Likno Drop Down Menu Trees has been released by Likno Software.Jun, 2007 -- Likno Software is proud to announce the launch of the latest version1.1.132 of its product Likno Drop Down Menu Trees. Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees is across-browser, platform-independent hierarchical navigation control for web pagesbuilt using Javascript and DHTML technologies. It does not require any plug-ins orextensions to work on browsers and users can easily create and change the style ofthe web menu tree and even customize each item using a different icon and design.Through the URL below you can browse through some of the examples already offered: drop-down-menu-trees/examples. htmlSome of the main features of Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees are:- Cross-browser, tested on all major modern browsers and operating systems (MSInternet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror & Safari)- A wide variety of different themes comprising of different icons, CSS styles forthe nodes, and background properties. - Styles can be defined individually for three different states, normal, mouse overand selected - Icons can be defined for each of the states mentioned above, and for each node,closed or open branch - Different icons can be individually set for specific nodes (that is, not followingthe tree theme) - Any number of CSS classes can be dynamically added and used or changed fordifferent nodes or branches of the tree - Unlimited number of trees in the same page, each with different styles andproperties - Unlimited nodes and/or levels (depth) - Use the keyboard arrows to navigate through the tree and expand/collapse branches - The tree participates in the TAB order of your web page. If you have multipletrees in the same page, you can also use Alt+1, Alt+2, etc. to navigate between them- Double click or single click to expand/collapse a branch - Support for either fixed box size trees with scrollbars, or freely expandable - Trees can be attached to any HTML element on the page - Support for multiple selection trees (can be used as check boxes), optional use ofthe CTRL modifier key to add to selection - Custom context menu with user-defined items, following the tree theme - Visit link in a target frame, and/or execute a Javascript command when clicking ona node - Optional tree state persistence across sessions. The state of the tree is saved ina cookie - Support for tool tips and custom status bar messages on mouse over for each node - Ability to associate custom user-defined data with each node (and perform sortingand other operations on them) - Optional auto-collapse property (Microsoft Explorer style) - Comprehensive client-side API, including functions for manipulating all aspects ofthe tree, sorting, searching for nodes, dynamically inserting or deleting nodes,etc. The features in verison 1.1.132 are:For more information on Likno Drop Down Menu Trees please visit: op-down-menu-trees.htmlLikno Drop Down Menu Trees costs $35 for a single-user license. The produced menutrees are functional in all DHTML-enabled browsers. The price also includes freecustomer support by our highly trained and friendly personnel that has earned LiknoSoftware an extremely high reputation. The trial version can be downloaded from theLikno Software site, at -menu-trees/download.html. Formore information please contact us at support@likno.comAbout Likno Software Likno Software, creators of AllWebMenus, is a leading software development companythat over the past years has managed to establish itself in the internationalcommunity of web developers as a leader in JavaScript / DHTML technology through itsadvanced software and services. Presently, Likno Software has also managed to becomeactively competitive in the Imaging market sector through the development of itsinnovative software and its advanced features. # # # Evaluation Copy Available on RequestCompany Website: http://www.likno.comProduct Website: -menu-trees.htmlMenu Trees Gallery: -menu-trees/gallery.phpExampl es/Screenshots: -menu-trees/examples.html
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