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Released on: 25, June 2007
, Author: Man & Machine Inc.
, Audience: Computers related

OVER, MD (June 21, 2007) Man & Machine Inc., introducesthe washable U Cool Keyboard as the answer to organizations with limited budgetsthat need a standard style, water-resistant keyboard. The market has spoken and we have developed a product to compete with Unotron, said Clifton Broumand, the Big Cheese at Man & Machine. While not considered a medical-grade keyboard for infection control purposes, the UCool is less expensive than our disinfectable keyboards. Unlike similar keyboardsoffered by our competitors, the U Cool has drainage holes on the bottom of each keypocket, to allow liquids to drain out during washing and cleaning. Our new keyboard has tactile feedback and standard layout and can be adjusted tosuit a variety of typing angles. It can even be dropped from three feet withoutruining the keyboard. Just like all of our other products, the U Cool comes with the passion andcommitment to quality that people expect from Man & Machine. We offer a three-yearlimited warranty with the U Cool keyboard. Man & Machine Inc., established in 1982, is an international innovator andmanufacturer of computer accessories designed to limit the spread of harmfulmicrobes and infections in health care environments. Ever since the introduction ofthe first MMI designed water-resistant keyboard in 2002, the company has beenleading the industry in manufacturing ergonomic, high quality and fairly pricedkeyboards and mice. Man & Machine sells lines of waterproof keyboards and mice forevery budget, from the high-end Really Cool line, to the more economical pricedSimply Cool and U Cool keyboards, and we also have the Drape, a universal keyboardcover. MMI has offices in Maryland, the Netherlands and Shenzhen, China.
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