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Released on: 27, June 2007
, Author: christine layug
, Audience: Internet related

cture is worth a thousand words, this is also true forroses and their colors. Each color has a unique meaning and when given at the righttime can spark into a beautiful flame for you and your lady. Without further adieuhere s your crash course on rose color meanings. Red, the color of romance, thiscolor of rose incites your fervent love. White, the color of purity, this shows youracknowledgement and respect for the recipient of the rose. Yellow, the symbol offriendship, yellow symbolized your trust in one another. Orange, orange is one forthose hot nights, believe it or not orange is the color of passion and it s the kindof passion that can take you to heaven. There are more colors but they are bestgiven in combination with these colors to make your message the complete package.So where are you going to get all these colors when the ones you see only come inred, white and pink? Here s where Philippine Flower Shop comes in, when it comes toflowers there no place better than Philippine Flower Shop. Philippine Flower Shop isyour online source of the most beautiful fauna, especially with roses. PhilippineFlower Shop has a collection of the different colors of roses to fit any occasionyou re going to use it for. Philippine Flower Shop delivers only the freshest stockthrough the Philippines own LBC group of companies so every package reaches thecustomer just as it left the hands of the florist itself. So what are you waitingfor, log on to and plan your perfect bouquet now!
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