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Released on: 9, July 2007
, Author: propagandapussy
, Audience: Internet related

On September 12th- 13th the international Media in TransitionConference 2007 opens its doors. The focus of the conference is the structuraltransition in the media industry. Innovative media companies, researchers andstrategists from UK, USA and Europe are discussing the present and future ofInternet media at the Goethe Forum in Munich.The Media in Transition Conference features several of the top Web tools and theirlead developers and founders: the Web Application Framework Django, a Web 2.0framework quoted as the big Ruby on Rails competitor in the open source world andused mostly in professional news organizations Washington Post, Toronto Life,World Online, Scripps Media Group; the Ajax browser technology, a RIA (Rich InternetApplication) technique, used prominently by Google Mail, Maps and represented at theMedia in Transition Conference through Pageflakes Inc.; and the Mozilla FirefoxPlatform, a promising RIA technique, which allows for desktop-like applications thatwork off-line as well, and pioneered at Joost, Songbird and AllPeers.Similar to the well-known Ruby on Rails framework, the Django Framework came toexistence by an extraction from a real-world application. Adrian Holovaty and SimonWillison, both speakers at the Media in Transition Conference, started developing aprofessional news site for the Lawrence World Newspaper in 2004. Soon it becameevident that they were on to something. The framework that ran a community news sitein little Lawrence, Kansas, had it all. Top engineers and bloggers around the world,such as Tim Bray, Jon Udell, Guido van Rossum, Mark Pilgrim started singing thepraise of Django, Ruby on Rails ' main competitor. It allows forModel-View-Controller Separation, abstracting the access to relational databases byan Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) and giving page content creators, as well asdesigners, their own shielded development environment. Guido van Rossum, founder ofthe Python programming language and Engineer at Google, calls Django his favouriteWeb 2.0 framework. In this day and age, where social network sites are popping uplike mushrooms and speed of development is key, organizations that use a rapidapplication framework gain competitive advantage.Pageflakes was founded in Germany in 2006, funded by Benchmark Capital and operatesout of San Francisco, California. The Pageflakes founder team includes ChristophJanz and one of the original Alando and Jamba founders from Germany. Pageflakes isrevolutionizing how we use the Internet using the RIA technology Ajax. Through Ajaxtechniques it is possible to customize the Internet within your browser usingso-called "flakes " - small, movable versions of Web favorites, which can be arrangedon a personal homepage. Flakes are available for thousands of uses and interests,including news, sports, e-mail, local events, search, photos, music, videos,calendars and to-do lists. Hari Gottipati of O 'Reilly and Barbara Krasnoff ofInformation Week picked Pageflakes as the Ajax king in the "webtop " category - aheadof Google and Microsoft. Pageflakes is considered to be the market leader, next toNetvibes, in the personalized homepage market.Everybody is talking about Rich Internet Applications (RIA) beyond browserinterfaces (Ajax) these days Microsoft Silverlight, Sun JavaFX, Adobe Flex andApollo Platform and finally Mozilla Firefox (XUL Runner). The team that builtFirefox is pioneering the next generation user interface, called XUL Runner,allowing for desktop-like user experience within the browser. Joost, the coming WebTV innovation by the team from Skype and Kazaa, is betting their future on this newMozilla platform. AllPeers, a file-sharing application started by Matthew Gertner,is years ahead of the game, already shipping a product since 2006 on Firefox XULRunner. Matthew will present at the Media in Transition on how Web Applications willsoon enter the desktop world and showcase AllPeers.The Media in Transition Conference has invited speakers from diverse backgrounds,providing insight on how the social media revolution is being built: Martin Stiksel, founder of , Online Social Network around Music thepower of recommendations and data mining with user preferences Lorenz Bogaert, founder and CEO of Netlog Online Social Networks in Europe Jeremy Geelan, founder and publisher of the Social Computing Magazine - Web 2.0and Social Media trends for business and society Christoph Janz, founder of Pageflakes - aggregating user information John Buckman, Creative Commons - digital rights in the era of user-generated content Adrian Holovaty, creator of Django making data fit for the web Simon Willison, co-creator of Django OpenID, single sign-on for all Internetservices Matthew Gertner, founder of AllPeers, - P2P filesharing on the Firefox Platform Les Ottolenghi, founder of Intent Media - how to capitalize on P2P trafficThe Media in Transition Conference 2007 offers a comprehensive overview of thecurrent state-of-the-art social media innovations, communication and businessmodels, as well as distribution methods used on the Internet today. Under the slogan from experts for experts , the conference has a very compact format and furtherintroduces extensive networking possibilities for contacting and partnering. Munich,as Germany 's media, technology and financial center, offers all the amenities of aglobal business meeting place and is experienced at providing for internationalguests. Find out more about Media in Transition 2007 at The conference cost for both days is 890, - Euro. Daily tickets are sold for under490, - Euro.Early bird registration (15% discount) is available until July 16th, 2007.Media contact:Ms Oezlem Guenayoezlem@mediaintransitio
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