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Released on: 22, April 2006
, Author: Rich Bowden/ Megalobe Inc
, Audience: Computers related

A new search engine to be released in June will offer fasterand better quality internet searches as well as providing unique protection againstexpensive “click through fraud” for companies who advertise in itssponsored advertisements, which will operate from over 300 individual country-specificURL’s and is to be translated into hundreds of languages, is set to challengeits rivals by employing a unique and sophisticated algorithm to improve the qualityof Internet searching.The patented algorithm works by allocating each search result a ranking - known as aMegarank – based on analysis of the quantity and quality of pages which linkto the search result. The algorithm then creates a structure of importance to thesites based on their relevancy.With its ability to trawl through over a billion pages quickly and efficiently, thetechnology will also allow the user to view a site picture and text containinginformation about a site in a separate window without first clicking into the webpage.“This is a new way to surf the net. This is the future,” said MegaglobeCEO Naima Moore.“There’s so much information on the Internet out there, and users need asearch engine to filter all that information for best results. The MegaglobeAlgorithm is the best possible method to filter the Internet.”As well as its powerful new search engine, Megaglobe also offers protection to itsadvertisers against “click-through fraud,” a practice considered byexperts to account for as much as 30 per cent of an advertiser’s expense.Earning the name “zero click through” from experts for its success ineradicating the fraudulent custom, Megaglobe guarantees to eliminate all fraudulentclick throughs for companies who publish on Megaglobe in sponsored advertisements byallowing advertisers to verify Megaglobe’s reporting with their own serverlogs.“After having advertised extensively on major search engines, I havepersonally experienced the scale of click fraud that occurs,” said NaimaMoore. “Megaglobe was born out of that experience, to offer advertisers thebest value for their money.”With its global reach and more than a billion indexed pages, the innovativeMegaglobe can lay claim to be the world’s first truly international searchengine. The Australian version will be available from orhttp://www.megaglobe-autral
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