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Released on: 10, April 2006
, Author: Alba Spectrum Group
, Audience: Computers related

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Great Plains in Construction &Building implementation & customization highlightsAlba Spectrum Group, USA/Canada: 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, Europe: +44 20 81232580, +45 36 96 55 20, Mexico: 52-55-535-04027, Brazil: 55-11-3444-4949,help@albaspec skype: albaspectrumMicrosoft Great Plains could be tuned and setup to fit most of horizontal markets. You can deploy third party modules or build your own custom logic in Great PlainsDexterity. Today we ll look at the options to automate building & constructionbusiness. We ll try to use technical language to be understood by programmer,technical consultant, IT system/database administrator, web developer. Project-Oriented business. Construction company is project oriented. You incurexpenses, labor, inventory against the building and stick to the budget in order tomeet the expected profit. Microsoft Great Plains has Project Accounting module withbudgeting, expenses, inventory, labor. If you need phases with their budgets youshould probably look for one of the third party project modules, such as WennSoftJobCost. If you are established business with decades of history you might stillbe using such legacy (and very efficient in Phasing functionality) Project module asIntellisol Project Accounting in this case you are looking to convert it to eitherGreat Plains Project Accounting or other current third party module. Financing. Builders usually finance the projects. When you do constructionproject budgeting you need automatic financing cost estimation. This is MS SQLServer stored procedure, incorporated into Great Plains Dexterity customization forproject accounting module. Sales. It is natural way to discount the property if potential customer iswilling to finance it or pay upfront for the future property. In Great PlainsReceivables Management (RM) or Sales Order Processing (SOP) modules you shouldhave discounting quote/invoice. The discount amount is based on the phase of theconstruction Warranty. Certain percentage should be placed aside for warranty and payment torepair crews or subcontractors. Microsoft Great Plains has Field Service Suite ofmodules with repair automation logic/functionality. Expect the needs to customizeit via Great Plains Dexterity or Great Plains Modifier with VBA Customization Technologies. Microsoft Great Plains is build with Great PlainsDexterity this is former Great Plains Software programming language and IDE, itwas designed in the earlier 1990th. Dexterity allows your customization work itGreat Plains graphical environment and security realm. VBA/Modifier it is forlight customization of existing Great Plains screens you can place your custombutton through Modifier and then attach VBA script to this button feel free to useADO to connect to the database. Web applications your can deploy eConnect toincorporate Great Plains objects into your web application eConnect was initiallydesigned for eCommerce developers. Crystal Reports is reporting tool, butconsider MS SQL Server Reporting Services first. About Alba Spectrum Technologies. Alba Spectrum Technologies is joint venture ofseveral IT and business consulting companies, now operating as single businessentity. We have local presence in the Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, SanDiego, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, New Orleans, Minneapolis, SanFrancisco, LATAM & Brazil, Germany, Russia, South East Asia and Oceania. We believein the coexistence of Java (J2EE, EJB, Linux, Unix), Oracle and Microsoft (.Net, C#,VB) platforms and systems and specialize in several product lines and cross platformintegration, customization, heterogeneous report design, plus we provide ERP/CRMsystems comparison and reviews, not being committed to just on MRP platform. We alsostake on XML cross-platform data interchange to be advanced in the coming decade. Alba Spectrum Technologies websites:
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