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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Expert Synergy
, Audience: Computers related

What does the technology assessment involve?The complimentary technology assessment generally has three components-the BusinessAssessment and the Technical Assessment and free solutions:1. The Business Assessment: Our experts will meet with you to discuss and helpidentify your business needs, current processes and goals. They will also help youdetermine, what other similar size businesses are doing to save time and money ontechnology.2. The Technical Assessment: This stage of the assessment will focus on your currentIT set-up, identify gaps and establish what sort of system is required in order toachieve your business goals.3. The Microsoft certified specialist will provide solutions to 3 of your biggesttechnology concerns for Free.After the assessment you will receive a written Business Assessment Summary from ourIT consultant outlining the recommended technology solutions required to supportyour business goals. This business and technology assessment for real estate businesses includes: Pocket Real Estate Mobile computing solution Real Estate Agents mobile office MLS listings on the road Respond to your clients NOW Data consolidation and security Backend technology Traveler s email No more delays Shared calendaring Your schedule always with you And more .technology tips and tricks P.S. The assessment team will thoroughly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of areal estate firm s IT infrastructure and processes. It will also examine key aspectsof how technology is used in their organization, and how other similar sizebusinesses are using technology for their business. This assessment is a great wayto gain insight into how a small business s IT is functioning and to gainperspective on potential profitability benefits of implementing certain technologysolutions in their synergy is a Microsoft partner and small business specialist.Web Site: Contact Details: For more information:Phone : 914-316-9100 email add : info ( @ ) expertsynergy.comAddress : 14, Nosband Avenue 6C : white plains, NY State/Province : New York Zip : 10605 Country : United States
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