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Released on: 27, March 2006
, Author: Uniform Dating
, Audience: Internet related

Military Singles appear to be the newest niche online datingphenomenon taking the internet by storm according to Aran Lackey the CustomerServices Manager at Uniform Dating. ( The unique dating web site aimed at those in the military and uniformed services(and those that would like to date them!) is recording a steady stream of weddings,engagements and success stories.Tim Love who manages the site says, 'Men and women in the uniformed services areseen as attractive by the opposite sex, both by each other, and by those who justlike the idea of dating someone in uniform. Sometimes the professions give thosemaking contact a feeling of security '.The site, with thousands of registered military singles, fire fighters, nurses,police officers, cabin crew and other members of the uniformed services, is now opento everyone, regardless of background.Andrew Perkins, 34, who was in the Royal Military Police for 12 years, and iscurrently a security consultant in Iraq says: 'People have preconceived ideas aboutdating those in uniform - either good or bad. With this web site they will know whatthey are getting. There is a respect thing between people with these jobs becausethey understand what the other does and can accept the strange working patterns '.Perkins who has friends serving in the Gulf who he says have already been usingUniform Dating to make contact with people for potential dates on their return home. 'Having a relationship is a major thing among lads in the military, and when youonly have a few weeks home at a time it is good to be able to make contact beforeyou come back '.Isabelle Lacy, an ex Met police officer says, 'Apart from the obvious attraction ofhunky fire fighters and doctors, lots of my friends would feel much safer makingcontact through a site like Uniform Dating. We used to have 999 parties this isjust a logical extension onto the Internet '. Andy Greenfield, ex Military adds, 'A site like this means that when we are away ontour, we can still spark relationships in our home area for when we come back. It sbrilliant loads of my mates in Iraq use it '.Uniform Dating is currently available to residents in USA, UK, Australia and Canada.The site can be found at Notes for editorsLaunched in February 2004, Uniform Dating has quickly established itself as beingthe 'place to go ' in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada if you 're a military single,in the professional uniformed services, or if you 're looking to meet someone inuniform.Site membership is roughly made up of 50% uniformed members and 50% civilianmembers. Likewise the male to female member ratio is just short of 50 / 50.Further information, graphics and details of success stories can be obtained from:Tim LoveUniform DatingUnit 7 The Old BakerySouth RoadReigateSurreyRH2 7LBUKEmail:
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