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Mind Where You Leave Your Underwear-They May End Up On The Internet

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Released on: 24, April 2006
, Author: John Wilson
, Audience: Internet related

Detroit, MI-- What is it that turns you off sexually? There are many things that turn men off sexually.What turns one man off, may not turn the other off. For all the men and women who have had to suffer through a night of watching yoursignificant other wearing unattractive underwear, Uglyunderwear.com is for you.Misery loves company, and you will find a lot of company here. I got sick and tiredof my lady wearing ugly underwear to bed, so I turned to the Internet, said JohnWilson, editor of the web site.The site allows both men and women to anonymously post photos of their significantother ugliest underwear or sleepwear.People who are not fond of the site say it is too embarrassing for the person whoseunderwear has been featured to respond fairly. No two men are alike and their taste in underwear is not the same as the next guy. Some men think the new boxer type underwear is ugly while some think thongs areugly. It all depends on your man. Talk to your man and ask him what he likes. According to a recent survey, underwear plays a big part in turnoffs for men.Wilson also gives the top four turn offs for men.1. Men continually strive to find ways to please their women. They know that this isthe way they can get what they want which is SEX. When the men are giving and thewoman isn t responding, the man feels rejected.2. Women who have lied about their sexual prowess.3. That line between your face and neck - where you can distinctly tell thedifference between the two? That is called "too much " makeup. 4. Although a little leg hair is passable, armpit stubble is said to be an absoluteturn-off, and awful to look at not - it 's not all the great to feel either. Makesure you de-fluff yourself before any date.For more information about how you can anonymously expose your lover s uglyunderwear online, visit www.uglyunderwear.com.-END-
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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