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Released on: 29, January 2008
, Author: MOR(F) Dynamics
, Audience: Software related

Sydney, January 2nd 2008 MOR(F) Dynamics has developed a new kind of online virtual worlds interactivity that centres around user-created virtual Tamagotchi-like pets, known as Mojis, that have the ability to understand human language, chat back to their owners and react to real-life human interactions completely in real time. By building upon its proprietary technologies in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language and 3D engine technologies, MOR(F) has broken new ground in the widely popular and increasingly lucrative virtual worlds industry with the beta release of their 2 flagship products: The Moji Intelligent Messenger and the MojiKan online world.

So what are the Moji Intelligent Messenger and the MojiKan? The Moji Intelligent Messenger, or better known as the Moji IM, is supposedly the world s first real-time 3D instant messenger that allows users to adopt a cute virtual Mojis that lives in its own 3D environment and subsequently is intelligent enough to understand human dialogue, chat back to its owner, mould itself to a user s personality and even convey its own emotion through the system s artificial intelligence engines. Users can further customise their Mojis, play online games, download interactive widgets and fully immerse themselves in the virtual world by exploring the MojiKan online world and purchasing the site s official currency, the MojiKan Dollar (MK$). The MojiKan Dollar is then used to buy items and accessories for users pets and even food for their Mojis to survive and stay happy! If a Moji is unhappy, bored or needs attention it will start sulking and will convey its state to its owner thus compelling further user interaction with these virtual pets.

MOR(F) claims that it has created a first of a kind, revolutionary virtual social community that introduces unique and innovative ways of social interactions both online and offline. The Moji IM is not simply just an interactive virtual environment. It also functions as a multi-protocol instant messenger, allowing all our users to continue to message and communicate with their contacts and friends on MSN Messenger, Yahoo etc. Humans talking and interacting with virtual pets that can talk and interact with other virtual pets and other humans this is an amazing concept not just for us but represents an exciting shift in innovation in communication, artificial intelligence and virtual social worlds, says Robert Fong, Chief Executive of MOR(F).

We believe that what we are doing with the MojiKan and the Moji IM signifies a new break through of things to come in this area of development. Artificial Intelligence and real time 3D techniques are beginning to have a real impact on commercial web and internet related products and technologies. MOR(F) is currently at the fore-front in developing these new applications for a fun, cooler and more immersive and interactive social experiences in virtual worlds.

Since launching these products in Beta mid-2007, the MojiKan has already attracted scores of users keen to experience the Moji Intelligent Pet, and is particularly popular with kids and teenagers especially amongst the females in Asian countries who are quick to adopt these kinds of internet consumer products that revolve around cute virtual pets that they can look after and interact with. In South East Asia, the MojiKan enjoys a strong following from the youth, and due to its increasing popularity has now partnered with Malaysian incumbent national telecommunications provider, Telekom Malaysia, to penetrate the growing Malaysian tech savvy youth market with the MojiKan products and to eventually develop locally flavoured products in the country.

The MojiKan in Malaysia is even compatible with Telekom Malaysia s fastest selling prepaid calling card, the iTalk Buddy Prepaid Card, thus providing young users without a credit card to easily purchase anything from the MojiKan and Moji IM with a iTalk calling card. The company believes that this is a great option for users to access MojiKan products and services and is further validation of the potential of such products and technologies in rapidly growing social communities in Asian regions.

There is no doubt that these guys are certainly tapping into the right space at the right time. So what s next for MOR(F)? The MojiKan and the Moji IM as a virtual worlds and social messaging platform is only the beginning for us. We intend to establish and enhance greater real-estate value in the portal by offering a wider range of value-added content that builds upon our A.I. and 3D technologies, adds Robert. Eventually the MojiKan will become almost like a virtual world social messaging gaming site where users can inter-connect with each other in a wide variety of ways, interact with virtual entities, play online and mobile games, create their own 3D objects and avatars and even continue their experience with their Mojis on their mobile phones. The future holds a lot of promise for us and we are focused on delivery a cool, fun, engaging and entertaining social platform to all our users. It s all very exciting!!


MOR(F) was founded by architects, Robert Fong and Billy Chong, based on research originally conducted at leading universities in Australia.

About MOR(F) Dynamics

Established in March 2005, MOR(F) Dynamics is an innovative privately held technology company built on breakthrough Language Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Engine technology for the next generation of human-to-computer interactive and immersive environments. What started as a research project at a think-tank developed at one of Australia s most prestigious universities has grown quickly into a major technological development and a viable enterprise with numerous potentials across major international markets particularly in Asia and the Asia Pacific.

Since its incorporation, MOR(F) has moved forward in leaps in bounds due largely to its unique offerings in intelligently fusing language technologies with 3D visualization techniques. Today, MOR(F) Dynamics consists of a team of specialist programmers dedicated towards creating what it calls Technologies of Total Communication . The company is currently developing a suite of products and applications for the instant messaging and social worlds industry. In the future, MOR(F) s technologies has the potential to be applied to other areas such as mobility, market research, advertising and security.

Funded largely by private investors, the company operates its research and development out of Sydney, Australia, and its operational headquarters for South East Asian distribution is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

More information is available at and

For all media enquiries:

James Anderson
Product Manager
MOR(F) Dynamics Pty Ltd
Sydney: +612 9267 6999
Kuala Lumpur: +603 6203 7811
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