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Released on: 25, October 2006
, Author: Brian Solis
, Audience: Internet related

LIVINGSTON, N.J., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Mozilla selected AdaptiveBlue sBlueOrganizer as one of the twenty extensions showcased for its new Firefox 2.0. The BlueOrganizer is a smart browsing extension for Firefox that redefines howpeople collect, manage, discover and share information. Unlike plain bookmarks,BlueOrganizer determines and preserves the semantics of real-world things likemovies, wine or electronic gadgets. With this unique approach, BlueOrganizer is ableto create a context-sensitive, personalized Web experience for every user.BlueOrganizer facilitates productivity, saves time and brings the vision of aSemantic Web one step closer. "Mozilla s selection of BlueOrganizer for Firefox 2 launch showcase will bring thepower of smart browsing to millions of Firefox users, " said Alex Iskold, founder andCTO of AdaptiveBlue. "Together, Firefox and BlueOrganizer create a better browsingexperience. The next generation Web browser will be context-sensitive and focused onsemantics. It will cross-pollinate your information with the best Web services tomake you more productive and bring us one step closer to that smart browser of thefuture. "As users surf and bookmark their favorite things on the web, BlueOrganizer willprovide intelligent suggestions, such as recommend a restaurant that matches yourtastes, help you compare prices on that flat screen TV you ve been eyeing, andsearch through millions of blogs and podcasts to get real time relevant information.The BlueOrganizer recently launched at DEMOfall 2006. "BlueOrganizer is a sight forsore eyes. It 's a browser with a brain, and it 's about time, " The DEMOfall team. AdaptiveBlue opens its doors to the Firefox community for feedback, in order tobuild a stronger product and to raise people 's awareness of the value ofpersonalization and Semantic Web technologies.Links:Smart browsing resource information - eprScreen shots - 4067153@N00/Firefox 2.0 Showcase efox/recommendedAdaptiveBlue/ BlueOrganizer - Web site: AdaptiveBlueAdaptiveBlue is the personalization and smart browsing company founded by AlexIskold in early 2006. The vision of AdaptiveBlue is to invent new browsertechnologies that deliver a personalized Web experience, enhance productivity andsave time. Contact:Alex Iskold of AdaptiveBlue, 201-788-9030alex.iskold@adap Brian Solis of FutureWorks PR408-428-0895 Ext.
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