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Released on: 1, February 2007
, Author: 10-Strike Software
, Audience: Internet related

Search Files on Local Network Faster and Easier10-Strike Software has released 10-Strike Network File Search 1.2 for searchingfiles on network computers ' shared resources. The program can help users finding thenecessary data on the local network, system administrators can find all video or MP3files that users are hiding on servers hogging up disk space, or find and deletetemporary files on the network computers.10-Strike Network File Search scans shared resources using multithreadingtechnology, this helps significantly decrease the time of searching. The program canlook up network computers in Microsoft Windows Network or scan set of IP addressesor IP address ranges. 10-Strike Network File Search allows viewing search resultsand opening found files directly from remote computers. The program can generate andsave handy HTML reports.10-Strike Network File Search 1.2 is available at ork-file-search/ for free download. The cost ofregistering the program is $24.95 US.If you would like to get a comment, request a reviewer copy, have a businessesproposal, want to become an authorized reseller or have any other inquiry, pleasecontact Dmitriy Stepanov at info@10-strike.comSystem Requirements:A standard PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XPNetwork (NetBios, TCP port #139, ICMP should be enabled in the firewall)Company:10-Strike SoftwareProduct Page: /network-file-search/
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