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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Steve Jones
, Audience: Internet related

la themes are used throughout the world for creationdifferent site types: corporate website or portals, online commerce, small businesswebsites, non-profit organization websites, government applications, corporateintranets and extranets, school and church websites, community portals etc. Via asimple, browser-based interface, it is easy to add new press releases or news items,manage staff pages, job listings, product images, and create an unlimited amount ofsections or content pages on your site. Advantages of Joomla themes are obvious. After making researches on the market, we found many evidences of popularity ofJoomla system and growing demand in high quality CMS templates, i.e. Joomla themes.That is why we decided to produce such Joomla themes dedicated to differentcategories in order to provide wide choice for every business. says Steve Jones,the marketing manager of ArtWeb LLC. After many preparatory works connected withdata accumulation and building up stock of Joomla Themes, now we are ready topresent first collection of these CMS templates. "Joomla themes are easy to customize and install on any website based on CMS system -portals, websites, etc. It is possible to have multiple Joomla themes, so that theowner of such website can choose the style they prefer. That it so because thecontent is contained in a PHP database, unlike static HTML based website. Thepackage of each web template from Joomla themes collection contains all neededfiles: PSD, CSS, fonts, buttons etc. About Joomla is a free, award-winning content management system written in PHP which allowsusers to easily publish their content on the world wide web and intranets. Joomlais created as an open-source project where individuals and teams contribute theirskills to its development as well as its supporting systems. A short list of someimportant features of Joomla is the following: page-caching, web indexing, RSSfeeds printable page versions, newsflashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars,website searching, and language internationalization. About TemplatesFlow.comTemplatesFlo is engaged in designing of ready templates, which are useful inthe process of creating personal pages in the Internet or company 's web sites. Newtemplates appear on our site every day. Now there are nearly 2000 samples includingFull Website design templates, flash templates, WordPress themes, logotypes,postcards, flash intros, Joomla themes, etc. They have relation to different spheresof human life and are represented in such a variety that every visitor can findtemplate, which coincides with his understanding of life style.
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