OandO MediaRecovery V4 - Rescue Mistakenly Deleted Photos, Videos and Songs!

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Released on: 10, August 2006
, Author: O&O Software GmbH
, Audience: Software related

Quick and easy recovery of all popular media files such as digitalphotos, videos and MP3sAlmost overnight, analog cameras and traditional stereo systems havebecome seldom seen devices in consumer households. More and more, these "antique " devices have given way to more advanced, compact and versatiledigital equipment. Analog media have quickly been replaced by volumes offiles accumulating on hard disks, memory cards and other storage platforms.For a family, these files could contain irreplaceable personal memoriesthat, if lost or deleted, would catastrophic for those involved. At the sametime, every experienced user knows how easy it is to lose data: one push ofthe wrong button on a digital camera 's menu is all it takes.Luckily, with the right software solution there is hope. O&O MediaRecoveryV4 has been optimized specifically for recovering accidentally deletedphotos, videos and music files off of devices connected directly to acomputer. O&O MediaRecovery can make music files from a MP3 Player, photosfrom a digital camera or videos from a camcorder reappear, as if they werenever gone. Frank Alperstaedt, Managing Director at O&O Software: "Those whoknow what it 's like to lose irreplaceable photos or videos of a memorablevacation or a child 's birthday, know how much it can hurt. O&O MediaRecoverylets users avoid such painful situations. It is very important to remember,however, that for the best chances of a successful media recovery, the diskspace made free through the mistaken deletion of data must not beoverwritten by the creation of new files. "The 5-Minute-Miracle!Files gone - What now?! Most of the time, one thinks first to call an expertdata recovery technician to attempt a file rescue because presumably onlyexperts possess the ample know-how to handle these situations. This softwaremakes expensive data recovery house calls a thing of the past. With O&OMediaRecovery V4 and its beautifully designed graphical interface, evenbeginners can handle the most expert of media recoveries. The on-screenassistance guides users step-by-step through the media recovery process,presenting users in the end with the precious files believed to be goneforever.This extraordinary "Rescues-Files-Believed-to-be -Gone-Forever-Tool " iscompatible with all drives recognized in Windows, as well as digital camerasconnected to PCs, USB sticks, removable drives and memory cards of allformats. Naturally, this software has no problem using its state-of-the-artmedia recovery technology on Apple iPods, on which a few very essentialalbums have been deleted.For ease of use, O&O MediaRecovery V4 comes with an integrated picturepreviewing function, allowing users can take a look at their pictures beforerecovering them. On volumes containing hundreds, if not thousands, ofdigital images, this can be a big help.
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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