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Released on: 6, August 2006
, Author: PAS
, Audience: Internet related

Lisa Max (www.homebasedbusiness.bigbig. com) is pleased toannounce the selection of Prosperity Automated System (PAS) for its innovative,educational television series, Pulse on America. The company will be featured in asegment on Innovative Home-Based Business Solutions as part of the Models ofExcellence series. "This segment will air nationally on the Discovery Channel andregionally in conjunction with CNN Headline News 50 times from August to October ". This is a 12-year-old debt-free home based business company that has automated andrefined everything that can cause 90% of home businesses to fail. According to theCEO of PAS, Bill Osterhout, "Identifying the points of failure for the 90% who failin their online internet business efforts was the easy part. It took several yearsand millions of dollars to find the answers. But now anyone can manage theironline home based business by spending only minutes a week and virtually be assuredof success! "The company provides free access to their private website, a video and a free reportsimply by signing up for information. "This is a 100% automated home basedbusiness ". For details, please see (about PAS) (movie and Q/A)A real business with solid 100% success ratehigh profit margins + zero riskVisit our P.A.S. Website , View Our Movie , Send in the Interest Form to 'Call YouBack ' .Yes, this is 100% legalYes, there 's people involved from all over the worldYes, this is a 12 year old, Debt Free CompanyYes, there has never been any complaint - ever.Yes, we do all the work for you 24/7, 365 daysYes, the system will also sell your other 'current business ' "PAS owners do nothing at all ", says Lisa Max, PAS Team Leader. "The company willgenerate leads and close all deals. "Lisa Max is not content with the massive support members get from the system. Shegoes the extra mile to stack the deck in favor of her group. While other sponsors inthe PAS boast about 10 hour work weeks and 4 day weekends, Lisa makes herselfavailable to her members for training and coaching 7 days a week. It is my way ofgiving back, I have been very fortunate to have great mentors that were there forme. I want to be there for my people as well, Lisa explained.She can be reached at (407)620-3888, or email at, or go to herwebsite at http://www.homebasedbusiness.b Lisa resides in Boca Raton,Florida with her husband Bruno and her dog Bobo.
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