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Released on: 8, March 2010
, Author: steevereynolds
, Audience: Internet related

March 08, 2010 (Press Release) -- PLAVEB is a proficient web development company offering Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development services using rich Internet technologies, including Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, and WPF. The company is providing services to businesses across the world who is gazing for developing web applications with rich features.

PLAVEB was distinctively started to convey RIA solutions using the powerful web development tools and technologies. When Microsoft launched its RIA development platform Silverlight, we seized the prospect and forced into Silverlight development.

RIAs offer organizations a proven, cost-effective way to convey modern web applications with real business benefits.

Rich Internet Applications provide a user interface that is more robust, approachable and visually interesting that one that is achieved with HTML alone. RIA s combine the functionality of desktop software with the broad reach and low cost deployment of the Web.

PLAVEB offering key benefits of RIA such as connecting to existing or new databases, interactive user experience without page reloads or refreshing, providing real time data and inventory management, allowing users to remotely monitor and manage data via a Web-based system, reducing data complexity and allowing users to interactively visualize and manipulate complex data more effectively and easily, providing immediate and dynamic visual feedback to the user, allowing for quicker task completion and providing cross platform support.

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device RIA platform that works on a web browser among plug-in. Silverlight development allocates locating up content that is rich in graphics, animations, audio and video on the website.

We offer rich internet applications using Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex development for desktop as well as for mobile devices. We flawlessly amalgamate RIAs build in Silverlight with JavaScript and AJAX into the website, which give website power of non-refresh feature.

We are offering RIA development as well as other web related services across the globe. Our clients come from diverse industrial domains such as IT, Music, Mobile, Sports, Real Estate, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Social Networking, and outside these as well.
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