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Released on: 12, December 2005
, Author: Local Web Solutions
, Audience: Internet related

Are you using the web and Internet marketing to grow yourbusiness? Thinking of buying one of the all-in-one website building systems such asSite Build It? Well, you may want to seriously consider the backup and supportyou 'll be getting from the people behind the product.In a recent survey conducted by, the respondents resoundinglyproclaimed that personal coaching, free website critiques and email support from anexperienced webmaster was the biggest benefit they had received, especially when itcost no extra and included in the bonus package they had received when theypurchased their Site Build It package from the 108 respondents in the survey, 57% advised that email support and coachingfrom an experienced SBI! webmaster gave them the biggest confidence boost and wasthe biggest benefit to them as they built their small business websites. Given that being able to get helpful answers quickly from somebody who knows whatthey 're up against, this should come as no surprise.This survey should cause all small business owners to stand up and take notice, thenredefine what their priorities are when it comes to building their websites,especially when using Site Build It or one of these other web building tools.The email coaching program included with the bonus package came in second with 23%of the votes. The bonus eBooks and reports also included followed with 13% Rocky Tapscott, former Site Build It! Certified Webmaster and SBI! expert commentsthat, "This poll demonstrates the importance of having a coaching and mentoringrelationship with whoever you purchase your website building system through.Here are some tips to help small business owners build better websites using one ofthese all-in-one tools:1. Having many incoming links from related websites can often be more important thanhaving lots of content on your own website.2. Try to capture every website visitors ' name and email address rather than sellthem a product on their first visit. Create an opt-in ezine for constant follow upof all of your clients and prospects.3. Send your opt-in email clients regular ezine articles, tips, Q&A messages and ofcourse product offers using an autoresponder system such as 4. Get out and meet people offline. Mention your website and the bonus offers youare offering.5. Be "net marketing savvy, " Ultimately, your website 's profits will depend on yourability to convert website visitors into . Study and learn all you can from themasters of Internet marketing.Based upon this survey, you should carefully consider who you purchase your SiteBuild It or other web building package from. If they don 't offer personal coachingand mentoring, look for one that does.
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