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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Alba Spectrum Group
, Audience: Internet related

rnet blogging is becoming important tool for your websiteSEO, link generating, and as the desired results getting more internet leads to yourbusiness, or friends, if you pursue private interests. If you are making your firststeps in internet journalism, submitting articles may not be equal to automaticapproval by editors. Pegas Planet articles media portal was designed as a tool fornovice authors, we accept articles from high school and college students and we haveour editors attending high schools. Here are some articles writing and postinghighlights:1. Originality. Try to be original, and write in the field where you have somethingobjective and new to announce to the World. Express yourself! Be who you reallyare and your article, news, blog or PR will be natural and interesting for otherpeople to read2. Blogging. In blogs you can allow your emotions and they are similar to fictionvery short story. If you plan to go emotional, please classify your news as blog,do not classify it as article, as article is rather objective news3. Press Release. These news are related to your business, meaning that they are abit official. In PR you should include about your business section, and often PRauthor is not a physical person, but the company itself4. Photo and Video support. We encourage and recommend you to support your newslines with additional pictures and movies. Modern search engines, such as google,yahoo, msn, altavista are good in crunching mpg, jpg, bmp and other popular mediafiles formats
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