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Released on: 2, May 2006
, Author: MIKLSOFT
, Audience: Software related

Contact: Mikhail CherkashinCompany: MiklSoftTitle: Chief Executive OfficerE-mail: contact@miklsoft.comFull Meaning to File Names with Robust Professional RenamerProfessional Renamer helps catalogue images, music and other content of your harddrive via meaningful file names. The program offers sophisticated templates andfiltering to save time and maintain consistency of name patterns.MiklSoft announces the release of the new update for Professional Renamer, a robusttool for batch editing of file names. It offers a host of features to create andkeep in good order the inventory of images, music and documents. It allows savingname patterns as templates and applying them later to the same data types. Filtersprovide additional facility for batch work. The extent of useful offices andintuitive design put Professional Renamer in the frontline of file management tools. The soaring amount of images and records kept on hard drives highlights the problemof inventory-keeping, says Mikhail Cherkashin, CEO of MiklSoft. ProfessionalRenamer v2.35 should help bring the disarray of data back into harness byintroducing a single system of file names. It should help users find their way amongnumerous files and can even relieve one of search assistance. The latest updatetakes into account feedback from our customers and offers reusable visual templatesto make renaming faster and more consistent. We also added import and exportcapabilities to provide for various archiving needs. What s more, the new versionoffers the preview of tentative changes so that users can correct their namepatterns. Those who work with numerous files should find Professional Renamer v2.35handier and more flexible. The system of visual templates allows applying different name patterns to every filetype. One name pattern can include up to nine fields with the user-set separators inbetween. Each field in its turn carries a variety of attributes like source name,date, time, counter, user string, etc. The attributes are set through dialogues thatavail users of a choice of parameters. For instance, time can form a part of a namestring as a one- or two-digit value and allows a choice between the time ofcreation, modification, last access or any other user-set value. The sameflexibility is found in every attribute dialogue. The unique pattern thus createdwill be saved as a reusable template or exported into a file. The system of visualtemplates extends the range of available renaming options and provides additionalconsistency of name patterns. The intuitive clarity of the program s interface aims at easier and faster renaming.The three-panel window allows moving through system folders, editing templates, andaddressing the changes to file names at the same time. A comfortable toolbar and astatus bar complement the pleasure of operating the program. The comfort of workingenvironment found in Professional Renamer v2.35 inspired many positive comments fromusers. Here is just a sample: You did really a great job! The new version ofProfessional Renamer is a beautiful and easy to use program. The new interface is agreat improvement, especially the tickboxes and the preview column. This type oftools is really my favourites, says John Kerstholt.Professional Renamer v2.35 Features at a Glance Batch processing of files and folders; Subfolders processing; A system of reusable visual templates with export/import support; Dialogue window for each attribute of a name string; Easy files filtering and sorting; Customizable preview panel.Pricing and AvailabilityProfessional Renamer v2.35 runs under Windows 95/98/2000/2003/ME/NT/XP and costs29.95 USD for a single-user license. The company extends 30-day money-back guaranteeto all orders. A registered user is entitled to free life-time support and programupdates. A full-functional trial version is available at fren/ MiklSoftEstablished in 2002, Miklsoft is known by its line of utilities and personalsecurity software. The utility line includes MIKLSOFT Renamer, Attribute Manager,and Professional Renamer, their flagship product. Passwords Base, a personalpassword manager, makes the second direction of the company s development strategy.All the products by MiklSoft feature comfortable intuitive interface and flexiblesettings.###Produ ct page link: n/index.htmlDownload link: n/profren.zipE-mail: contact@miklsoft.comCompany website:
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