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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Excel Software Industry: Software Press Release Summary: QuickLicense 3.0 empowers developers to
, Audience: Software related

ware vendors can protect their investment and increase salesby ensuring only licensed customers can use their Mac OS X and Windows products. QuickLicense can protect any software application written in any programminglanguage including desktop applications, plugins, spreadsheets or multi-mediacontent. The product includes an API for complete developer control and theAddLicense tool to wrap compiled applications within a protective license with noprogramming required.QuickLicense 3.0 empowers the developer to configure licenses for perpetualapplications, limited trial editions or software subscriptions that support avariety of human controlled or web automated activation procedures. Unicode textenables the developer to customize the user interface to support any language. Anapplication can even replace the runtime Activation dialog. A vendor can securelyblocked or unblocked an activated license. Individual features can be securelyenabled when purchased by a customer. AddLicense provides drag and drop license protection. The new version adds powerfullanguage customization features, supports multimedia applications that depend onexternal files and automates the evaluation, purchase and activation process withthe new Try, Buy and Register option. A user can activate and use a protected application on any computer even without anInternet connection. Activation codes provided by phone, email or instant web pagecan work with any download or retail distribution process. Software activation canbe automated with the Safe Activation Service, WebActivation hosted on a vendor'sweb server or through an Activation Request web form generated from QuickLicense. QuickLicense can manage customer information collected during the activationprocess. Customer data can be imported, searched, organized or exported to aspreadsheet, database or to MarketBuddy for sales automation and customer support. The batch email capability allows messages for product announcements or periodicsubscription codes to be individually customized and precisely targeted. QuickLicense 3.0 is $595 for a Single User License on Windows (XP and Vista) or MacOS X (PPC and Intel) or $995 for both platforms. The package includes an integratedhelp system, API source code examples, tutorial, PDF and printed manual. AQuickLicense purchase includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for anynumber of products or licenses on that computer platform. The company web siteincludes demonstration videos, detailed product information and secure onlineordering.
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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