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Released on: 5, May 2009
, Author: Mohammed Qayyum
, Audience: Software related

iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a handheld device design specialist in Bangalore, India has announced the best of the kind, ready to manufacture Voice and Video over IP Phone reference design based on Linux and Freescale i.MX27 Chipset.
iW-Videophone is the best solution for ODMs and OEMs developing Video and Audio streaming applications, enabling them to develop low cost, high quality, stable products meeting short time to market demands.
The design is based on Freescale s i.MX27 processor at 400MHz, catering to applications like Video IP Phones for home, Enterprise video communication, Video conferencing, Telemedicine, Mobile Internet Device, Door Video Phone, Photo Frame etc.

Major features of iW-Videophone include
* Ready to manufacture IP based Video Phone Solution
* Easy to Customize for custom designs
* Optimized for BOM
*nternet connection through Wired / Wireless LAN
Three way / Two way video / audio conferencing
* Highly portable
o Touch screen based design
o Support for SDIO WLAN
o Battery backup support
o Optional support for remote control
* Multiple Video, Audio input / output interfaces
* Support for multiple video resolutions
* Up to VGA resolution with H.263/H.264/MPEG4 encoding at 30fps
* Built in speaker and microphone
* 7 LCD display with support for external TV
* Multiple operating systems with support for browsing, Email and media player
* Remote Software upgradable
* Supports third party V2IP stacks like Vericall Edge from Trinity Convergence , Linphone , Amsip,

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