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Released on: 21, February 2007
, Author: Rixler Software
, Audience: Software related

Instant Messengers Password Recovery Master will recovera lost or forgotten account password for your instant messenger, including ICQ,Trillian, Miranda, GAIM, IM2, SIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, R&Q, AIM, QIP,Odigo, PSI, Paltalk, Google Talk, Excite Private Messenger, Windows Live Messenger.The only condition is that this password should be cashed by the messenger. If itis, the lost password will be back to you!The password is recovered instantly when the program is started. Users won t have torack their brains over the recovery settings because the program s artificialintelligence is smart enough to choose the best recovery method on its own. Whetherthe password is too long or too complex, Instant Messenger Password RecoveryMaster will restore it without any problems. Unlike some other recoverysoftware, it can also recover passwords that have been written in a non-Englishlanguage. If you have, for example, a password in German, it ll be recovered too.Instant Messengers Password Recovery Master has some other handy features.For example, the program lets you set an access password to prevent unauthorizedaccess to its functionality. Only you will be able to recover passwords for instantmessengers. Besides, the program can store retrieved information in a formatted textfile. Or, it can copy the information to clipboard so that you can paste it into thepassword field and access the messenger on the fly. The features are delivered in afriendly interface that is intuitive and takes less than a minute to learn. Theprogram supports almost all versions of instant messengers.Pricing and AvailabilityInstant Messengers Password Recovery Master runs under Windows 9x / ME / NT /2000 / XP / 2003 and costs $19.95 (USD) for Personal license and $39.85 (USD) forBusiness license. An evaluation version of Instant Messengers Password RecoveryMaster is available as a free download at oad/ (0.9 Mb)About Rixler SoftwareRixler Software is an information technology company. Since its foundation in 2003,Rixler Software has focused on developing password recovery and computer securitysoftware. For more information about the company and products, visit ###Product page link: messengers_password_recovery.h tmDownload link: /impasrec.zipE-mail: support@rixler.comCompany website:
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