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Released on: 31, December 1969
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ew imperative has appeared. Consumer trust of food safetyis shaken. Food businesses are realizing that traceability and supply-chainmonitoring exposes an opportunity for additional profit. Although the consumer hasalways had the power to influence the food industry, that influence is being heardloud and clear - safe, flavorful and affordable food - and the food businesses arelistening intently," according to Richard Ross, Director of Industry Relations forTraceGains, Inc. Ross designed and owns PathTracer, a software-as-a-service food traceabilityprogram. PathTracers design is derived from Ross's thirty-some years of managementexperience in the food industry. He has managed six different food businesses forArcher Daniels Midland that includes flour and corn milling, packaging, custommixing and Martha Gooch pasta. As a vice president and general manager for ConAgra,Richard was responsible for the Specialty Grains division that included eight foodmanufacturing facilities (three international) associated with corn and oat milling,wheat germ oil extraction, oat milk production and a special barley product fordiabetics and weight control. TraceGains, Inc. ( was founded in 1998 with a 100% focus ontraceability. The company has a patented delivery system -14 patents granted andgrowing -and also is an Issuer of United States Department of Agriculture ProcessVerification Program (PVP) Label.By providing real-time bi-directional supply chain transparency and traceability,TraceGains reduces risks to the corporation and its executives, who may becomepersonally liable in case of a recall. Positively Assured Traceability provides thefollowing essential capabilities:# Continuous attribute visibility for each incoming ingredient received. # Identity preservation across commingling, batching, blending, transformation, andre-work.# Continuous comparison between on-floor activities, business rules, and compliancyrequirements.However , TraceGains not only adds the missing capabilities to protect foodcompanies, its officers and executives, and consumers, but goes beyond to turn datainto actionable business intelligence from the floor to the board room.With proven solutions and hundreds of implementations, return on investment (ROI)and profitability enhancement has been independently confirmed in universitystudies. Companies' bottom lines are positively affected through the followingresults:# Improved operational efficiency by identifying profit leakages.# Enhanced product consistency by pinpointing causes of variation. # Increasing market share by assuring trading partners they are protected withactionable data.By using Web Services to interconnect with all leading ERP, SCM, and MES systems,Positively Assured Traceability can deliver compliance with internal business rules,assurance of pedigree claims, enhanced profitability, and increased operationalexcellence. From the grower, aggregator, manufacturer and processor, to distributionand logistics, and finally the retailer, only TraceGains provides bi-directionalunit-level (item, carton, pallet, etc.) traceability while boosting profitabilityand cost-effectively improving operational excellence.TraceGains Inc.www.tracegains.comMarc Simony, Director of Marketingtraceability@tracegai
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