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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Rupiz Media
, Audience: Internet related

Rupiz Media (, a leading SearchMarketing and Web Applications Development firm, has recently unveiled its FeedBurner application for the UK based mobile industry. The application adopts thefundamental Fetch-Process (burn)-Standardize approach. Essentially working on the feeds acquired by several merchants, the Feed Burnerburns (read breaks and processes) the data and finally churns out a data that iscompatible with the website. The burning process involves insertingaffiliate-tracking ID to track the sales, altering and manipulating the merchantfeeds (if required) and so on. Feeds come in various formats that include- CSV (Comma-Separated Values), XML(Extensible Markup Language), Web Services, text files, TAB delimited files and soon. The merchant feeds required by the Burner vary across industries, for e.g., the FeedBurner for the UK based Mobile phone industry fetches merchant feeds on thefollowing criteria:Handset name Plan name Network Free minutes and texts Merchant name Deep URL (Merchant URL/ landing page for the deal) Prices (in case of Sim Free phone) Line Rental (in case of contract and clearance phone) Free Gifts (offered by Merchants) Contract Length Meenakshi Wali, Co-Founder and Business Development Head, Rupiz Media states, RupizMedia s Feed Burner application is a wizard based utility that optimizes thewebsite s functioning by drastically reducing the manpower and standardizing thefeeds as per the website s requirements. The (Feed Burner) application can beproficiently customized across different industry verticals. Business-wise, the Feed Burner makes the equation pretty simple- consistent andspeedy update of feeds equals to high efficiency of the website, up-to-date feedinformation resulting in higher sales and maximizing revenues. Considering the factthat Rupiz Media s Feed Burner application can be extended to cater variousindustries, businesses of all natures can benefit from it.
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