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Released on: 9, January 2007
, Author: SEO4Com
, Audience: Software related

SEO4Com, developer and distributor of SEO tools on the web athttp://www.directoryinclusi, announced today the release of DirectoryInclusion, a semi automatic website promotion software used for increasing linkpopularity to a website. SEO4Com 's proprietary database features general and nicheweb directories with a proven track record of making fast website inclusions withintheir respective directories. This provides a website the ability to get indexedquickly within the major search engines while steadily increasing inbound links. "Directory Inclusion only features high quality web directories that make fast andappropriate listings, " said Clint Brown, Project Manager of SEO4Com. "It 's databasehas been compiled from the many hours of research gathered from various leadingsources, SEO companies, and forums located throughout the world. Instead ofsubmitting a website to a directory and waiting for months on end to be listed, wewant to ensure that your website will be indexed quickly. " For a limited time, end users can purchase a copy of the semi automatic websitepromotion software for less than seventy dollars per seat. During this promotion,this price point allows SEO companies and internet marketers to offer linkpopularity services to highly competitive markets and enables the end user orwebmaster to realize a return on investment very quickly. "SEO4Com is a dedicated SEO company enabling webmasters and online marketers to buythe software at a very competitive price. " commented Brown, "Making the softwareavailable at this low price will certainly broaden our reach into thesmall-to-medium business markets, and will provide SEO and marketing companies theability to negotiate very competitive prices to their clients while maintaining aquick ROI. "SEO4Com has provided thousands of users a professional solution to marketingwebsites by building link popularity. The price point is designed to make thedirectory submission software more attractive to webmasters and internet marketersthat work for small and medium size companies.The company currently has provided thousands of downloads of its SEO tools.Directory Inclusion allows a webmaster to save time with directory submissions byeliminating the need to fill out web forms and by reducing repetitive tasks. "As more website promotion software enters the market, " Brown continued, "it iscrucial to offer the directory submission software at a price point that allows bothwebmasters and marketing companies to be truly satisfied. "A demo version and more information about the the features of Directory Inclusion isavailable at the applications website http://www.directoryinclusion. com/overview.htm
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