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Released on: 14, March 2007
, Author: SecuTech Solution Inc
, Audience: Computers related

Newsletter February 2007,Powerful UniKey Pro ReleasedUniKey Supports DirectorUniKey Supports BSD l Powerful UniKey Pro ReleasedNew powerful Unikey Pro was released on Feb 9th 2007. Unikey Pro takes the Unikeyproduct like to new heights with its improved features and functionality. The newfeatures include: supporting Network Environments, regardless of Internet or subnetconnections, black and white list support, zero configuration and its 100%compatible with Windows XP SP2 firewall. 1. New Features a. No artificial limitation of concurrent users (no more than 65535-1024, whichis the max number of available socket) b. Black and white list support Black listed IPs will be unable to access UnikeyPro c. Working mode set by developers. For example a developer can set it to searchfor a local key first and then search for a key on the network or vice versa.(It is also called floating license) d. Assign the server an IP address or let clients find the server automaticallyvia broadcast.e. Unikey Pro can work with different networks, even over the Internet or throughdifferent subnets. f. Unikey Pro automatically adds itself in the WinXP sp2 firewall for ease of use. g. No change for All the APIs. h. The Network DLL can work with Unikey (the local/standard key). i. Zero-configuration is necessary, just remove the .ini file and you re done. j. Network key servers need aren t necessary. Unikey Pro is a 100% greensoftware and keeps the same tradition as the driverless dongle. Just copy the.exe and run it.2. The difference between UniKey pro and standard alone, a. There are no artificial limitations to the number of concurrent network userwith the network key. b. The standard key can also work on the network, but it can only accept oneremote client/access. (It is good for demo and special customer who needs only 1license).l UniKey Supports DirectorUniKey support for Director MX 2004 is released; you can download the new libraryfrom our download area. Now UniKey is supporting a wide range of programminglanguages, including VC6.0, VC2005 (both 32bit and 64bit), VB, VFP, PowerBuilder,BCB, VS.Net, C, Delphi, Java, RealBasic, MinGW, AutoCAD, WinDev and Director.SecuTech Solution provides a sample for each programming language and offers FREESDK for customer 's evaluation.l UniKey Supports BSDSecuTech solution released the UniKey support for FreeBSD to extend supported OS ofUniKey dongle. Please download the new FreeBSD support from our download area.To apply a free SDK, please go to, ree-SDK-evaluation.htmAbo ut SecuTech and UniKeySecuTech Solutions Inc. is a company specializing in software license managementbusiness systems focusing on the international market with their class leadingUniKey product range. Having an extensive and in-depth range of experience withinthe Software Management Licensing market, SecuTech has drawn upon this experience to utilize today 's cutting-edge technologiesto introduce a COMPLETE and affordable solution for today 's software vendor marketsworldwideSecuTech Solution Inc.www.eSecuTech.comSupport
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