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Released on: 19, December 2006
, Author: Jinan SevenOnline Technology and Trading
, Audience: Software related

(Revolutionary virtual office software for Mac & PC thatfocuses on both personal works and collaborative team works)*Beijing*, *China.* - 11/22/2006 - SevenOnline Technology & Trading Co,. Ltd., after12 months of development, today proudly released the Personal Edition of "CodeXApps ", which is a software designed for both Mac and PC. The "CodeX Apps " consistsof two major components that covers personal works and team works respectively.Built with Web 2.0 technologies, the "CodeX Apps " is the easy-to-use yet powerfulinformation solution for individuals, small businesses, and educational projects. The two major components in CodeX Apps are: "vClipper ", which is a perfectinformation organizer for individuals, and "ProjectCenter ", which is a collaborationplatform based on project management.This "CodeX Apps Personal Edition "(PE) includes the "vClipper " only, and isabsolutely free to use.With CodeX Apps PE, you can:- Write and store your notes, ideas, photos, files, and nearly everything.- Manage your data by "tags ".- Make lists fast with drag and drop re-ordering.- Import bunch of your files and images just by a few clicks.- Generate quick presentations using your images.- Arrange your schedules with "Color Labels ".- Share your documents with everyone by exporting them to a universal accessible,web-friendly document.- Import "Extended Documents " that are exported by Standard Edition or EnterpriseEdition.Beyond these features, CodeX Apps has some notable features include the following:Multi-language SupportAll editions of CodeX Apps are designed to be multilingual. And, for now the CodeXApps PE comes with 4 language packs: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, andGerman. More to come.Software across your computerCodeX Apps can be accessed on other computers, without installing any othersoftwares. This would be good for geeks with more than a computer but haveconsistent works to do, and professors to access documents in his home computerright from the classroom.Over a thousand customers have received the pre-release edition of this CodeX AppsPE, and have been providing consistent and positive feedbacks.The "CodeX Apps " product line will deliver great value to individuals, and teams byproviding virtual working environment that connects personal works and team worksseamlessly. "Simplicit y is one of the key drivers for CodeX Apps, so we decide to split CodeXApps into several editions that suits for different users. " said Chuiyuan Meng,chief technology officer of the SevenOnline, "This free edition of CodeX Apps willbring great value to individuals without costs, and they will be more than happy torealize how the value would be when they see how the PE works with the upcomingCodeX Apps Standard Edition. The PE is not a test drive, but plays an important rolein our product line ".About Jinan SevenOnline Technology & Trading Co,. Ltd.Based in Jinan Province, China, the Jinan SevenOnline Technology & Trading Co,. an independent technology company developing revolutionary virtual officesoftwares that aims to enhance productivities and create paper-less workingexperiences. For more information on the "CodeX Apps ", the flagship product ofSevenOnline Co,. Ltd., please visit
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