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Released on: 16, January 2006
, Author: Alex Bers
, Audience: Software related

Lynden, USA, January 17, 2006 -- Softomate, leading softwaredevelopment services provider, today announced it has introduced Custom Outlookplugins development Service to provide components that will give more options andflexibility to Outlook mail client. Microsoft Outlook offers a high level of customization, allowing to plug inthird-party custom add-ins of all sorts. Outlook add-ins (also referred to asOutlook plug-ins, Outlook extensions, or Outlook add-ons) extend Microsoft Outlookoptions by adding new productive features. Add-ins dock seamlessly to Outlook userinterface and allow to add new functionality to Outlook and automate some routineoperations. Outlook is not only an e-mail program; it is also a powerful organizer that supportstasks, calendar, notes, and other objects. Outlook client is enabled to manageinformation (email messages, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc.) and share itthroughout an organization. Outlook add-ins allow Outlook users to enhance theirinformation managing and sharing experience. Companies can customize and improve their corporate Outlook application for specificcorporate intranet or extranet needs. Custom Outlook add-ins allow to create customuser interface, automate e-mail operations and customize information transfer andmanagement. Outlook plugins are helpful software for companies that provide customerservices by e-mail. The custom plug-ins can automatically sort and manage incomingand outgoing messages to make communication process prompt and pleasant. The announced Service aims to variety of Outlook-related projects and enables toenrich Microsoft Outlook with different custom applications: custom toolbar buttonsand menu items, custom mail notification add-in, spam filter, calendar and notesplugins, contacts and attachments management plugins, messages grouping add-in, RSSreader and other unique features. For more information about Custom Outlook plugins development service please visit /outlook_plugins/outlook_devel opment.html###About Softomate:Founded in 1998, headquartered in Lynden, USA, with offices in Australia and Russia,Softomate provides international software development services, including webdevelopment, porting and migration services; Softomate focuses on custom softwaredevelopment and has effective programming experience in variety of areas.
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