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Released on: 2, October 2007
, Author: Victoria Lakhtionova
, Audience: Software related

Confident and experienced leaders of toolbar development, Softomate today announced professional custom Internet Explorer toolbar development service to make client web experience more effective.

Lynden, USA, November 21, 2005 -- Softomate, leading software development services provider, today announced it has introduced custom Internet Explorer toolbars, browser helper objects (BHOs) and plug-ins development service to build custom plug-in components that will enhance Web experience offered with Internet Explorer.

Customization is the key-point for the web today, essential improved browser layout with custom functionality is the easiest way to amend business. All in all users tend to not to do very complicated things, so they 'd prefer to do one-click operation. With the improved IE browser users get access to the necessary information much quicker. Making buttons with redirecting to website, custom menu and you 'll increase your users productivity and what is more important your business efficiency.

Place business on user 's desktop, IE browser is an entrance point to the Internet, so with custom developed toolbar you could also convert browser to an entrance to your business, web site or social network whenever users may be online. The branded appearance of toolbar distinguish your business from many others even equal, so users get used to your brand and then use service with pleasure. Toolbars are also an elementary solution to duplicate and extend capabilities of your web site service, which will allow quicker access to service functionality.

Browser extensions add more possibilities for actions that standard browser doesn 't allow. With browser helper objects (BHOs) we offer browser you want, by developing code that implements the new features you want it to support. Allow browser to work with different type of content, displaying flash, video, mobile ring-tones, search web, cursor search, keeping a search history in a drop-down list under the search box, keyword highlighting, zoom in & out of pages, blocking annoying pop-ups while surfing the Web, website filtering, time limits, chat recording, newsgroup blocking, privacy controls, email-notification and control panel auto login features.

Softomate toolbar development department improves IE functionality permanently, and according to 8 years of experience softomate as a guru of toolbar development offers professional custom development of various complexity level. Softomate proudly announced service enables to include non browser-based applications, from small toolbar button to completely new functionality: create personal toolbar appearance, make branded toolbar, add custom buttons, quick access to Google search, Yellow Pages, news, mail, stocks, weather and various other information that only could be necessary via Internet Explorer toolbar.

For more information about Custom Internet Explorer plug-ins development service please visit

About Softomate:

Softomate provides international professional software development service since 1998. Specializing on the web and desktop solutions, Softomate sets the market trend in software, toolbar and plug-in development, working out more than 300 projects including solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

For more information about Softomate please visit

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