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Released on: 6, April 2011
, Author: anam.anoderson
, Audience: Software related

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 07, 2011 SysTools Group the fastest growing technology company offers a dynamic solution on corrupt backup recovery. Users make a backup copy of their data, just to make sure that they can recover the data from backup file, whenever there is something wrong goes with their original data. But there can also be possibilities of corruption in database file.

Whenever there is a corruption in the backup file (BKF File) users will not be able to access BKF file to recover deleted data. Nevertheless, to provide solution on these situations, SysTools has developed corrupt backup recovery ( software to recover corrupt backup file.

Evan Swans, Director of Product Development, SysTools Group says, For any organization or individual Backup files are highly important as they can be used to restore data in data loss or data corruption situation. If the backup file gets corrupted, then it becomes inaccessible. To provide recovery solution on corrupted backup recovery files our development team has come up with dynamic backup recovery software.

The advanced technology and features make this software to recovery corrupt backup files with in few clicks. This tool repair corrupt backup databases in the original file and folder structure. This tool has been rated as the most efficient and result-oriented tool for corrupt backup recovery. This tool works well and also ensures a complete and 100% accurate recovery the entire files and folders which care created using Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP, 2003 backup utilities. To get more detailed information about this tool users can visit:

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