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Released on: 6, August 2007
, Author: Jamie Cid
, Audience: Software related

Lawrenceville, New Jersey - July, 31st 2007 Ramco, the GlobalAviation Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)software provider, announced today that TACA REGIONAL which consists of Grupo TACA sdomestic carriers operating within Central America - Inter and Aviateca (Guatemala),Isle a (Honduras), Sansa (Costa Rica), and Aeroperlas (Panama) - will deploy itsMaintenance & Engineering (M&E) Solution and Ramco s Aviation ERP Solution.Already covering over 50 destinations, TACA REGIONAL selected Ramco 's M&E and ERPapplications to help sustain its continuing expansion. The growing Central Americanairline will leverage Ramco 's market-leading M&E and ERP applications to supportcontinued growth. Ramco s Aviation Software is 100%, off the shelf, business processand web-centric based. Ramco s Aviation and ERP Solutions are developed utilizingRamco s Next-Generation Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Business ProcessDelivery Platform. In addition to their strategy, the solution will help TACARegional achieve the business agility they need and eliminate obstacles oftechnology integration. As we grow, we need software that can handle the complex nature of our companieswithout sacrificing the required controls and regulatory requirements. Ramco Systemswill allow us to do just that while at the same time maintaining our focus on safetyand low cost. We are certain that Ramco will be a great partner for TACA REGIONAL ,said Matthew Vincett, Vice-President of TACA REGIONAL. We are pleased that TACA Regional has selected Ramco s Aviation & ERP Suite. Ramcowill provide TACA Regional the flexibility needed to support best practices andtheir unique operational requirements. Ramco s Aviation Solution will address theentire M&E and ERP requirements of TACA Regional and its sister Airlines. We arepleased to welcome TACA Regional and its 5 sister airlines as part of our globalesteemed client base. said Jim Fitzgerald, Ramco s President Global A&D,Aviation, MRO Solutions.About Ramco Ramco Systems is a global provider of M&E and MRO software. Ramco s Aviation & MROSolution offers end-to-end aviation enterprise software designed exclusively forfleet operators, MRO providers and OEM organizations. Ramco employs more than 2,000professionals serving more than 1,000 global customer locations. Ramco s customersinclude Virgin America, Caribbean Airlines, AeroLitoral-AeroMexico s regionalairline, JEJU Air Co. Ltd. Indian Airlines, SpiceJet, Vueling, KDavia, Air NewZealand s Safe Air Limited, Pinnacle Airlines, AlSalam Aircraft Co., and others. Formore information, visit Ramco online at www.ramcoaviation.com.About TACA REGIONAL TACA REGIONAL (www.tacaregional.com ) is a group ofregional carriers flying within Central America which form part of Grupo Taca(www.taca.com ), who is comprised of several combined LatinAmerican carriers covering the continent from Canada to Argentina. The groupoperates Airbus 320 family in their international operations and TACA REGIONALoperates smaller, propeller aircraft connecting Central America s larger airports tosmaller leisure destinations and business centers.
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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