Take Control over your Storage Space with new Features in WebAsyst Document Depot Upgrade

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Released on: 6, May 2006
, Author: WebAsyst LLC
, Audience: Software related

(WebAsyst LLC, Wilmington, DE, USA) - WebAsyst LLC AnnouncesUpgrade To Document Depot - the company s powerful and popular online documentmanagement tool (http://www.webasyst.net/docum ent-depot.htm). WebAsyst has addedUser Quotas and two useful enhancements to the Send Email and Version Controlfunctions of the file management application.The main feature of this upgrade is User Quotas. Primary purpose in specifyingquotas for individual users is to control resource usage on your web server. Everytime user uploads a new file, Document Depot compares the total storage spaceoccupied by all files owned by this user with the allocated quota. If the quota isexceeded, the upload operation is prohibited.In addition, an enhancement to the Version Control feature was implemented whichsignificantly expands users capabilities while collaboratively working on documentediting; namely, to allow multiple users to work on the same files.The original Version Control feature allowed storing unlimited number of old files,which eventually decreases your total available space on a web server. Now, withthis enhancement, users can specify the number of old file versions to be stored.When a new file version is uploaded, the oldest file version will be automaticallyreplaced. With the introduction of User Quotas and this enhancement to the Version Controlfeature, users have even more control over their storage space. This should helpthem manage their total space limit, says Vladimir Tuporshin, Managing Director ofWebAsyst LLC.The other enhancement applies to Send Email function, meaning that now users cancustomize Sender Name and Email properties for all outgoing email messages; e.g.,every outgoing message can be "signed " uniquely by the sender. Previously, sendersused the same Name and Email for all messages. Recently our clients requested us to introduce this feature at the earliestpossible date. We had already this function planned for implementation in one of thefuture releases, but decided to introduce it with this upgrade in order to fulfillthe needs of our customers, says Vladimir Tuporshin, Managing Director of WebAsystLLC.For more information and a free trial of WebAsyst products, please visitwww.WebAsyst.net.Commu nicate. Collaborate. Succeed. WebAsyst LLC 2006
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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