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The Facts Right about IT Outsourcing- George Bush s Pro-India Stance tells, he s got

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Released on: 27, February 2006
, Author: Rajput Jitendra
, Audience: Software related

Hyperbole regarding effects of Offshore Outsourcing, it is veryeasy to forget that the America enjoys a important trade surplus in softwareservices with country like India with 1.8 billion dollar. With that India isbecoming one of the fastest growing markets for their exports through out the world,and with the growing economic ties between India and America is making more out ofit. U.S. firms more edging in competition in the international market, Bush toldthat a trade or business war with nation like India is one of the last things theywants or requires to do.For U.S. technical organizations fueled in part from income earned working, nation semerging middle class is due to spend its newfound wealth on one kind of productsand better services that are familiar to most of Americans: likes of pizzas fromPizza Hut, washing machines from General Electric, computers from Dell. So with thatIndia 's consumers are associated with U.S. brands with quality and significantvalue, and with this trade there is more and more creation of opportunities.With the nation s research and development the president also gave a nod prowess andthinks how it would be helpful to American manufacturers to get an edge with thecompetitors. Bush is realistic to know that all of these benefits came at the costof American jobs, due to Offshore Outsourcing industry of India but it is arelatively small price to pay for access the huge market of world s largestdemocracy . With shifting of jobs to India by companies of America there is numberof losing a job that is traumatic, it will make some sense to respond witheducational policies to make sure that their employees are better skilled for the21st century jobs.That s the area where we are better off identifying the high growth and valueopportunities that lies ahead, rather than just try to hanging out to work which hasbeen commoditized by Information Technology and the international dispersion ofknowledge for low cost nations.For more information on abovetipic:http://www.softwar eoutsourcing.ibusinessdot.com/ 2006/02/facts-right-about-it-o utsourcing.htmlAbout Tatvasoft: A professional software development company specializing insoftware developmenton outsource basis. http://www.tatvasoft.com
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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