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Released on: 17, November 2006
, Author: Cogitum LC
, Audience: Software related

ASHBURN, VA, USA November 17, 2006. Cogitum LC, a provider ofsoftware for personal content management, has released FotoTagger 2.1( ), the new version of its popular image annotationprogram. FotoTagger is a free desktop tool designed for both personal and professional usersof digital images, including users of photo cameras, professional photographers,travelers, family historians, genealogists, and documentation managers. It lets themeffectively record and share information about content of images, as well as makeimage search much more relevant and precise. Every person who has digital photos faces the problem of forgetting valuableinformation about people or objects captured on an image. Moreover, as the number ofimages grows, an ability to quickly find the desired image becomes crucial.FotoTagger eliminates this problem by allowing users to annotate individual elementsor parts of the image. Users can place easy-to-hide annotation tags directly on apicture in order to describe specific objects. Each tag can have an arbitrarylocation and contain a free text capturing the names of the people, links to Websites or other images, explanations, translations of inscriptions, and more. Thetags can be hidden in a click of a button so the original view is never spoiled.As images are annotated, FotoTagger lets users easily find people or objects bytheir names or other text typed in the tags across piles of digital pictures. WithFotoTagger, there is no need to use old-fashion techniques trying to meaningfullyname the file or create a hierarchy of folders on a hard disk. A user can enter thename of a person and FotoTagger will find all pictures where this person iscaptured. To let users share annotation with an image wherever it goes, annotation tags areembedded in an ordinary JPEG file meaning the image content description always stayswith the image itself. With FotoTagger, users can publish tagged photos, LiveJournal, as well as to their own Web sites. Flickr users can useFotoTagger as a desktop enhancement of their Flickr accounts. They can tag photoswith FotoTagger and upload them to a Flickr set in a click of a button. FotoTaggertags are converted into editable Flickr notes. Moreover, photos hosted on Flickr canbe downloaded to FotoTagger with Flickr notes transformed to editable FotoTaggertags. FotoTagger 2.1 makes image annotation more convenient for a user and provides newopportunities for integration with image editing applications:- Matte. Matte is a blank resizable and movable space around the image that allowsplacing textual annotations out of image borders and keeping them visible when theimage is shared. - Zoom in/out. With the new version of FotoTagger, a user can easily zoom in andzoom out an image. Zooming is applied to image view only so it does not affect theactual size of the image. - Editing an image in an external image editing software while preservingannotations. Saving an annotated image in an image editing program that does notsupport FotoML, the format used by FotoTagger for storing annotations, can causeremoving annotations from the JPEG file. To let a user preserve the work, FotoTaggerprovides a special mechanism that temporarily saves annotations in an external filewhen an image editor is launched and puts annotations back when editing is finished.The current personal version of FotoTagger supports what could be called 3Fprinciple F1: Free of charge; F2: Free of ads; F3: Free of spyware and privacyintrusion. FotoTagger can be downloaded from the official product Websitehttp://www.fototagger. com. About Cogitum LCCogitum is an innovative software developing company with several award-winningpersonal software tools, including Co-Tracker and Co-Citer that gained totalhundreds of thousands downloads.More information can be obtained by contacting a company representative at1-703-858-2377 or by contacting Leonid Malkov at
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