Updated Version of Music Morpher Gold Better Voice Remover and Extractor!

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Released on: 11, February 2007
, Author: Chris Martin
, Audience: Software related

(February 12, 2007) AV Music Morpher Gold version 3.0.46 hasbeen updated with better Voice Remover and Voice Extractor(http://www.audio4fu n.net/promotion.htm). This is a great endeavor of Audio4fun.netas the software including those features is very few in the market today.Music Morpher Gold is a music editing software which allows users to add audioeffects into songs, change singer s voice, create remixes, parodies, etc. Especiallythe Voice Remover and Voice Extractor built in this software can remove vocals fromstereo songs and extract a voice or sound out of a stereo mix for background music,karaoke track, etc., which is considered to be the hardest task of all music editingsoftware currently. The old versions of Music Morpher Gold also had the Voice Remover and VoiceExtractor, but there were still some limitations in perfectly removing or extractinga voice/sound. After 6 months working in the lab, the new generations of those toolsfinally come out with the hope to best satisfy customers needs. According to the explanation of Quality Control Department of Audio4fun.net, theVoice Remover and Voice Extractor can be best used in removing some noises in liverecorded audio files such as the applause in an unplugged song, the honk in an audioclip, etc. However, the quality of removed or extracted files depends on how songsare recorded and mixed beforehand. Sometimes vocals are placed in a stereo field insuch a way that prevents removal. If songs are recorded in the way that vocals areplaced in a stereo field which prevents themselves from removing, the vocals cannotbe removed at all. Therefore, users should not expect this software to remove vocals100% of the time. In most cases, however, it will successfully remove vocals.Sometimes it might sound as if the vocal has not been completely removed but whenthe user inserts their own voice, or if the file is then used as a karaoke track,they will only hear the new voice along with the original music. Please notice, again, that the task of removing or extracting a voice/sound out ofa song is not easy and needs your patience said Helen Le, Audio4fun.net s Sales andMarketing Manager. However, everyone can learn to be a professional user with ourFree Online Tutorials (http://mp3-player.audio4fun.c om/free-online-tutorials.htm). Those are also our hard work to illustrate the simplest ways to help users get thehighest result . In the week of launching the newly updated version, Audio4fun.net also offer thetrial price for new users at: http://www.audio4fun.net/promo tion.htm. About Avnex Ltd.:Over the years of development, Audio4fun promotes audio and video softwaretechnologies and specializes in three core areas: Audio and Video MorphingAlgorithms, Audio and Video Stream Interception, Audio and Video Real TimeEffecting. The wide range of products of Audio4Fun is detailed onhttp://www.audio4fun.com. ###
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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