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Released on: 6, April 2011
, Author: Layla Kent
, Audience: Computers related

There s no question about the popularity and the usefulness of the R4 and the R4i. In terms of popularity, the flash card has earned the attention of Nintendo and more importantly this has earned the respect and the adoration of DS gamers and users. Millions of units of the cards sold don t lie; these flash cards have managed to get the attention of the consumers and users. And what about the functionalities of the R4 and the R4i, are these something worth checking as well? One this note, these flash cards overwhelms the consumers and the gamers. Now the DS is not just that gadget for playing games; thanks to R4 and R4i you can now read e-books, watch and store movies and play music. But did you know that the functionalities of these flash cards don t end there? These flash cards for use on the console can be used as an internet gateway as well.

This is possible because the technology used on the console especially on the DSi is highly advanced, thus you can do almost anything including accessing the internet. The basic thing that can be done using the R4i and the DSi is that you can access Wi-Fi connection so that you will be allowed to compete against other players using the DSi. But to really access the internet solely not just for games, well that is made possible by a number of software applications developed by gamers and developers. For example, there s this free application called DSHobro that can allow you to surf the internet using the DS on a wireless connection. Listed below are the step-by-step suggestions on how you can take advantage of this software and access the internet along the way with the use of the DS.

Just plug the Micro SD card into the USB adapter, and insert this into the PC. Now download the DSHobro zip file and extract the contents of the file to the desktop. Next, open the DSHbro folder and drag the DSHobro.nds file into the SD card. You should run the server.exe file in the folder of the software and before clicking on start tweak and change some settings that you want and click start. If there is an available Wi-Fi zone in the area, what you need to select is the Enable Remote Access . Once this has been selected, you can now remove the SD card from the USB adapter and you can now insert this to the DS A lot-1. Now the adapter should be plugged into the gaming console.

Now just turn on the gaming console, find and open the DSHobro.nds file. The A should be selected if you wish to connect to your home network. The B button on the other hand should be selected if you wish to go wireless and there exists a Wi-Fi connection. And if you wish to configure the settings, just press on the button that says X . To enjoy surfing, you may need to use the stylus and to click on links. The face buttons on the other hand can be used to scroll web pages. The Select is to display the browser interface, and the Start is used to refresh the page. Thanks to the R4 and the R4i, you can easily access the internet.

Resource Box: Aside from being used as a storage device for games and movies, you can also use the R4 and the R4i for other purposes as well. Did you know that you can also access the internet through the gaming console and when the flash card is used? You just need to get the right software in order to make that happen. An example of software is the DSHobro.

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