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Released on: 17, March 2006
, Author: Jaclyn Aldrich
, Audience: Software related has a highly functional user interface,providing the user with a multi-document interface (multiple windows) in a singlebrowser session. Visibility extended the standard Microsoft ASP.NET developmentenvironment by providing a highly intuitive, interactive user experience that wouldnot usually be possible within an Internet application. is deployedas a true internet application the system administrator need not know anythingabout the client hardware because no installation is necessary. In doing so itprovides ubiquitous access for users inside the four walls of your organization, forusers at remote plants and sales offices, and for users on the road is one of the first Enterprise business applications to be writtenfrom the outset entirely using Microsoft s .NET framework and Web servicesarchitecture. This methodology provides ETO manufacturers with a distinct set ofadvantages when deploying the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. This accomplishment is achieved with a ZERO Client interface. doesnot download any software onto client PCs to operate. Any client PC with InternetExplorer 5.5 or later is capable of operating with Standards BasedSome ERP vendors have put a tick in the box against industry standards such asHTTP, XML, .NET and Web services through the use of bolt-on technology modules.Visibility Corporation ( is a leading developer and supplier ofbusiness software solutions designed for the unique needs of project-based,engineer-to-ord er and to-order manufacturers. Visibility 's Enterprise Applicationsolutions help midsize manufacturers of complex products operate their businesseseffectively. is an integrated ERP solution and more. Offering unparalleledfunctionality and integrated workflow, this browser-based solution cost effectivelydelivers the power of .NET-based Web services for use with either a Microsoft SQLServer or Oracle database. Conducting business any place, any time, any where is areality, deployable with unprecedented flexibility.
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