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Released on: 2, July 2007
, Author: World Market Watch, Inc.
, Audience: Software related

For the last four years, VisitorVille has pioneered visualwebsite traffic analysis with its intutive videogame-like interface. Wired magazine calls it: "SimCity for traffic nerds ".Now, with version 3.1.5, VisitorVille is available in a mega- bundle that includes:* VisitorVille 3D -- The 3-dimensional VisitorVille, where you can enterpages (buildings) and chat with your visitors.* VisitorVille 2D -- The original VisitorVille, with simple 2D graphics andrequiring just 15 MB of system memory.* VisitorVille Live Help -- Fully integrated live help. Instantly learn 24things about any visitor who requests support.* VisitorVille Direct Chat -- Right click any visitor to your site and invitethem to chat with you.* VisitorVille Log Analyzer -- Do VisitorVille analysis on your historicaltraffic.VisitorVi lle offers a free 7-day trial to test drive on your site, and is just$14.99/month for sites with up to 1,000 people visiting a day.
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