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Released on: 12, January 2012
, Author: Abriella Dsouza
, Audience: Internet related

Mumbai, Maharashtra Webmasters that like to build profitable online businesses should make sure to have a stable online presence. Numerous things can go wrong with the website s hosting services making the website go offline. If websites are frequently unavailable to the users it could lead to lack of trust among customers. As the website represents the business or the brand online, customers will be able to trust the service provider only when the website enjoys stable online presence. Also websites can be subjected to security threats which need to be identified immediately so that such issues can be addressed before things get out of hand. Alertswift is a free website monitoring service which helps webmasters monitor the online status of websites 24/7. There is no need to hire any company to take care of this task. Users will be able to make the best use of this service and improve the quality of the online presence. Webmasters stand to gain a great deal by making use of this website monitoring service. Websites will not only enjoy stable online presence but also save a lot of money on hiring website security firms to monitor websites.
Alertswift is one of the most trusted free site monitoring services on the web. Users will be able get immediate alerts once something goes wrong with the online status of websites. Online website monitoring services are not something new but traditionally site monitoring services will send only email alerts. Today that is not the case with users will be able to get alerts in multiple formats so that the alerts are not missed in any way. Alerts will be sent to the designated email address and besides that users will get alerts to mobile phones in the form of SMS and MSN chat alerts. All these make sure that user gets the information or intimation on the website s status without any problem.
Users can setup or configure the way the alert system works. Users will be able configure to check the website on regular intervals. also offers the users with advanced website monitoring services which can be accessed by signing up for the paid premium version. Setting up the website monitoring service is very easy and simple. This does not require any technical skills. Alertswift website monitoring service can be set up in a matter of just few minutes and activated immediately.
There are many website monitoring systems on the web but not all of them are dependable and most importantly, not all of them are secure. With users can enjoy great peace of mind knowing that the websites will be monitored 24/7 without any need for further follow up. Added to that users get instant updates and intimations so that all the problems can be resolved immediately.
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