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Released on: 1, May 2007
, Author: XP Registry Cleaner
, Audience: Software related

XP Registry Cleaner 2006 Scans and Repairs over 53,000 commonWindows Errors. Our unique and one of a kind technology repairs over 53,000 Windowserrors and is guaranteed to fix problems on your system. Using hi-tech and effectivefunctions your system performance will be improved in a dramatic way! Windows andyour software will run faster and your system will be more stable.XP Registry Cleaner 2006 is the Most Comprehensive System Repair Tool on the Market.WHAT DOES XP REGISTRY CLEANER DO FOR ME?An advanced Registry Cleaner finds and repairs system errors and incorrectinformation in the windows registry. An optimizer removes obsolete and duplicateentries that Windows and other programs leave behind. It will fix random PCcrashes, error messages and will improve system performance by up to 750 percent. After the system scan is completed you can view a complete list of errors that weredetected and choose to remove which ones you would like or just let the IntelligenceSystem determine which should be removed. The Intelligence System not only detectserrors, but also analyzes each error against the software installed on your computerto determine how that error may affect other software.FEATURES:- Startup Monitor- Registry Optimizer- DLL/ActiveX Repair- Privacy Cleaner- Clean Invalid File Paths- XP Crash Monitor- Windows Service Monitor- Backup System Registry- Add/Remove Program Tool- Award Winning Technology!- Free Tech Support and Upgrades!WHY DO I NEED XP REGISTRY CLEANER?The Windows Registry is a database repository for information about a computer 'sconfiguration. The Registry keeps growing when you use Windows. As it does so, itattracts obsolete and unnecessary information, and gradually becomes cluttered andfragmented. As the Registry grows, it can degrade the performance of the wholesystem and can cause many software problems. Try XP REGISTRY CLEANER FREE!- XP REGISTRY CLEANER 2006 - FREE DOWNLOAD!
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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