Yuuguu Transforms Web Collaboration and Conferencing Market

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Released on: 31, December 1969
, Author: Lisa Christopher
, Audience: Internet related

Manchester, UK, September 24, 2007 Yuuguu (www.yuuguu.com)announced the official release of its Yuuguu web collaboration tools at DEMOfall2007 the premier launchpad for the world s most promising technologies, products,and services. Designed for an increasingly mobile world, Yuuguu helps people worktogether remotely, across different platforms, with as many colleagues as needed,just as if they were sitting in the same room. Yuuguu, derived from the Japanese word for fusion, enables users to see, share, andtake control of each other s computer screens and applications. Users can ask anyoneto securely share their computer screen in real time, whether they re on a PC or Macplatform and without having to download or install any software. Colleagues justneed a browser and Internet connection to participate. Free, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use, Yuuguu can be used by team members workingon a project or friends sharing applications. Colleagues and friends can message andchat while they share screens for enhanced collaboration. The platform includes highquality, low cost voice conferencing services for one-to-one and one-to-many voicecalls. And Yuuguu s integrated presence status brings a sense of community to websharing, as users can see when friends are online and click to invite them. Historically web collaboration tools have focused on online presentations allowing enterprise organizations to deliver training and presentations to a passiveaudience, said Anish Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer at Yuuguu. Yuuguu takes webcollaboration to a new level by integrating community, messaging, and collaborationin a whole new, and more natural way. Yuuguu understands the importance of the human ingredient in technology. Theircollaboration platform incorporates a sense of community that brings great value toboth business and personal applications, said Chris Shipley, executive producer ofDEMO. I look forward to following Yuuguu s future after DEMO. Yuuguu was hand-picked among hundreds of aspiring companies to launch their newproducts and services at DEMOfall 2007. The invitation-only event has established areputation for spotting emerging trends in the technology industry and identifyinginnovative products and services most likely to have a significant impact on themarketplace in the coming year. The conference runs from September 24-26 and is heldin San Diego, California. Users can download Yuuguu free of charge at www.yuuguu.comAbout Yuuguu Ltd. Yuuguu is the brainchild of Anish Kapoor and Philip Hemsted. It s a solution to helppeople work together remotely, through any firewall, across different platforms asthough they re sitting side-by-side. The company s vision stretches far beyond theworld of work; Yuuguu s unique, easy to install features can give anybody thefreedom to be together, whether at work or play, even when they re not in the sameroom.Trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. Press Contact:Lisa Christopher, FutureWorks, Inc.408-428-0895 Ext. 106lisa@future-works.com
Source: Express-Press-Release.com
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