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Released on: 2, November 2006
, Author: Cynapse
, Audience: Software related

Wilmington, DE -- November 1, announced the availability of a Free-for-Life Professional Edition of themuch talked about Enterprise Bliki service.The Professional Edition is targeted at individual professionals, students orbloggers, who want to manage their information in a central repository. The cyn.inprofessional edition shares all the features of enterprise, but is limited to2 users, 25MB disk space. The service is completely free for personal and commercialuse, and takes 5 minutes to set up.The Enterprise Edition is targeted at the information and knowledge heavyenterprise of any size. dynamically scales resources, storage space and useraccess, depending upon the customer 's requirements, and you only pay for what youuse. Any organization or team of sizes ranging from 2 to 100,000 users can enterprise within minutes. is completely delivered and managed overthe web, and is setup instantly. The Enterprise Edition costs between $30 -$16 per user/month.The pay as you go model of SaaS adopted by, gives the customer the freedom toadapt to the changing usage of the software, on demand. For example: You can buy theapplication for two employees to start with and then after a few months decide toadapt it for a department of 10 people, and on achieving measurable benefits, thesoftware can be provided to the entire organization of say 5,000 users or more.Software delivered as services provide all of this scalability, without requiringcustomers to plan for it.The free Professional Edition is available here: 118/default.aspx?r
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