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Priority Media JukeBox with cover art display and portable player filler

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20, April 2010
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Playlists are a useful way to organize your digital music... if you have only a few hundred songs. Once you have thousands of songs, it becomes a chore to modify playlists to suit changing tastes / moods. Also, playlists become completely impractical when you have to suit the musical tastes of various household members. JukeBx changes this. It builds playlists in the background that it creates based on how you, and up to nine other users, rate the song. This enables you to hear the songs you love regularly, and the ones you don't like as much less, while still giving you the variety that rebuilding playlists every day would give you. You can even set JukeBx to rate the songs for you by monitoring your playing habits! Up to ten programmable patterns can be set so everyone can hear music they like equally, or unequally if you set it that way! For example, you can set a pattern that will select 5 songs in a row that you like followed by one your partner likes. JukeBx can be set to use a database that is stored at a remote location and allow you to hear music the way you want it in any room with a networked computer. Multiple copies of JukeBx can use the same database when configured this way and JukeBx can buffer networked songs so once the list is built it can be inderpendant. JukeBx supports most media files, including most video types, and songs can be imported from playlists or directories. JukeBx can also be used as a playlist generator if you like another player but dislike it's selection ability. JukeBx even includes a Media Filler mode for portable music players which will fill up a directory with a set amount of music.

What's new in current version
File buffer, auto-rate, multi-state and a Top 100 list.

Please contact JukeBx publisher, ACAPsoft if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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