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Danny Bader One of the Leading Motivational Speakers in Philadelphia Areas

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11, June 2012
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A renowned name in motivational speakers Danny Bader has been motivating people live a happy and inspiring life for almost 15 years. Danny Bader is Philadelphia s one of the leading motivational speakers in the area of personal development. Danny teaches people that they themselves are the solution of their problems. They just need to follow some principles and they can see the changes in their life. The five principles which Danny Bader developed after his study and intense observation are the foundation stone of his motivational speaking. The principles used by the motivational speaker as basis of his motivational speaking are: Know Thyself This principle is about knowing thyself, your strong points and limitations, your potential, your aims and intentions. He asks plenty of questions to help us to know ourselves. Visit to find the questions he asks to motivate us. Evolve The word, evolve stands for undergoing a continuous and gradual change. We are intended to change. It's in the process of this evolution where great opportunity for pleasure and accomplishment lies. Develop Vision Create Reality As said by Danny Bader vision is the act of seeing something not yet happened. He calls it the essential practice to live a happy and rewarding life. He says that without vision it would be hard to recognize and take actions you need to change your vision into reality. Be Still In this principle Danny talks about building space and says that it still offers great physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Seek Support Fifth principle speaks about the value of external and internal networks. He asks a range of questions one can ask himself that how someone supports you in your life and what s the significance of that support. Visit to know the questions.

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