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The ideal tool to manage cash and finance, with [Cash+Deposits-Cards=Net cash]

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27, June 2013
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Best CashBook is the ideal tool to manage cash and finance. Based on [cash + deposits - cards = net cash], it treats cash, deposits, credit cards and all other finance as one to give an insight of incomings, outgoings and fund changes. It will be very simple and easy to use once you overcome learning the entry principles. Without programming skills, anyone can translate the program and distribute his own translated version even for fee. 1.A cashbook entry processes all other subsequent work automatically to prepare various reports. 2.You can make entries by simple data-input and enter-key, watching how the book reflects your entries. 3.You can see Daily InOut, Monthly InOut, Yearly InOut Statement, ledger of each account. 4.This is optimum for small business with total control of fund for home. 5.You can broaden the book to use it like a complete double-entry book. 6.Daily InOut Report enables a voucher a day in business. 7.provide a standalone tool that enables you to translate the program to your language. Method of installation: 1.To install or execute in windows 7 or vista, right click and "Run as administrator" 2.If OS is win98 or less, mdac_typ.exe must be installed together.

What's new in current version
correct sorting of monthly reports

Win 98 or more

Please contact Best CashBook publisher, BestAccounting if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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