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12, October 2011
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Personal Finance Manager Money4Family makes it easy to manage multiple accounts of different types, create and manage budgets, juggle finances in multiple currencies, track spending habits, record expenses, transfer among accounts. Scheduled backup is automatic. Manage your budget is very easy. Many other features are instantly usable without prior experience in accounting! Managing your finances has never been so simple! Money4Family manages your personal finance and your family budget. FREEWARE version of Money4Family by ByteWork ( ) has few marginal differences and restrictions compared to the Professional License . The software records incomes and expenses of your personal and family accounts, credit cards and cash. Wizards make easier elaborate procedures, if any. With Money4Family you keep under control deadlines, manage the objects of payments, transfer or check your entire budget. If you want also take economic advantages and pay attention not only to practical aspects, Money4family helps you to keep under control deadlines by collecting statistics of your incomes and expenses, financing analysis and financing comparisons among different periods during the year. These procedures allow you to better focus on waste of money and you will be able to save more. Money4Family is a user-friendly software, carefully developed in order to meet your needs. Thanks to the lasting and reliable support of its users who point out any failings and thanks to its functional improvements, Money4Family increases and improves its qualities for all users community. If you like it and consider Money4Family useful for you, please help us to widen the use and the knowledge of this software. You surely will enjoy all users suggestions and its improvements. And Where is my money going? If you use Money4Family regularly you will discover it. What s more? You will learn how to save money! Enjoy your Money4Family.

Please contact Money4Family publisher, Money4Family if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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