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Utility to design and generate tags for retail and wholesale packaging industry

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7, May 2011
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Technically advanced bar code tag producing application facilitates user to generate bar codes in multiple formats including bar code labels, coupons, tags, stickers, holograms, rolls and badges for packaging industry. Supply and distribution industry bar code maker software friendly work with linear and two dimensional font symbologies such as Coda bar, EAN 13, Industrial 2 of 5, USS-93, UPCE, UPCA, Aztec, PDF417, Interleaved 2 of 5, Databar, MaxiCode, LOGMARS, Databar Expanded and others. Bar code coupon generator software allows you to craft bar code label images in different style and save them in various file extensions including png, jpg, exif, wmf, bmp, emf, tiff, gif, riff, jpeg, Bitmap and many more at particular location in PC or Laptop for future reference. Bar code labeling program supports sequential series, random variable series and constant value series creating methodology to generate bar code label list by designing unique bar code sticker images for supply, packaging and distribution industry in cost effective manner. Extraordinary features: * Bar code label maker utility facilitates user to generate colorful images using enhanced bar code designing tools including ellipse, text, pencils, lines, circle, triangle and others. * GUI interface offer you to easily work on bar code sticker image generating utility with requiring any special technical knowledge or expert training for operating software. * Packaging and distribution industry bar code tag producing software facilitates users to simply modify barcodes batch process setting, designing view setting, printing and others. * Distribution industry bar code maker software offers you to specify bar codes value, bar code header and bar code footer details of generate sticker images. * Specialized image generating utility facilitates users with attractive feature to copy created bar code labels and paste them at specified windows application like MS word, excel etc.

What's new in current version
Added support to build eye catching packaging barcodes images

256Mb RAM, 18Mb free disk space

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