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10, August 2007
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ThoughtOffice Inventor: Brainstorming & Product Development Software for Inventors, based on the classic IdeaFisher methods of Associative Thinking. ThoughtOffice Inventor combines powerful tools to help you take any problem or idea, & turn it into an effective, manufacturable solution. Associative Thinking (or Lateral Thinking) is the process of following links between ideas by connecting words, phrases, images, concepts, & experiences. ThoughtOffice uses this process to trigger associations from ideas & knowledge already stored in your mind. It also builds new associations, prompted by open-ended questions developed by expert innovators, plus powerful associative searches using the built-in idea-search engine. Starting with expert-level queries formulated by successful innovators & product designers from multiple fields, you will drill down on & greatly expand on a project or task both creatively & expertly. Next, use the integrated idea search engine to rapidly and dramatically expand your associative thinking process. The IdeaBrowser search engine helps you quickly & easily find new associations in the form of images, definitions, quotes, synonyms, & more, adding thought-provoking & richly creative content to your session. ThoughtOffice Inventor also gives you a place to organize it all, merging your research, comments, & answers into a Brainstorming Session to save & share with clients or co-workers. Sessions can be presented using the built-in Slideshow viewer, converted to a PDF file, exported as an HTML or text file, or printed in 4 different formats. And the Session Document carries with it your logo, ID and notice. There's no question where an idea originated in a ThoughtOffice Session. And ThoughtOffice is 100% guaranteed for 1 year. We'll personally help you use ThoughtOffice to create lots of great new product ideas; or we'll update, upgrade, coach or refund to your complete satisfaction. ThoughtOffice is available for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X.

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