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KooBits ebook reader software is an universal ebook manager for all your ebooks

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23, December 2010
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KooBits 4.0 is an all-new innovative free ebook reader software that enables you to conveniently view, organize and manage all your ebooks in commonly used formats such as PDF, ePub, even those interactive ebooks with animation and multimedia in KBJ format. KooBits 4.0 not only has the basic functions as an universal ebook viewer and ebook manager, like organizing a library of ebook collection, purchasing from an online ebookstore, highlighting in various colours, annotating with symbols or icons using the stamp feature and bookmarking, but enables interactive functions such as page flipping and game elements as well. With KooBits ebook reader, games are weaved into the story plot and incorporated into the eBook to enable easier understanding of the story with the flow of game while reading. Ingenious features such as video playback, audio narration and more available now makes the ebook more visually appealing to ebook readers. Simple drag and drop features also enable for easy categorizing of one's eBooks, on top of creating personalized categories for them. The extraction tool also enables copying and pasting of digital content into the scrapbook. The Drop Box function also gives a daily eBook for free, based on users' selection of topics of interest. KooBits 4.0 offers many additional unique advantages, including: - universal ebook viewer: compatible with most ebook formats; - ebook organizer and manager: shelve all your ebooks in one place; - interactive ebook reader: content extraction and annotation; - ebook library and store: free ebooks delivered right to your doorstep.

What's new in current version
NEW and FREE! KooBits 4.0 is an innovative ebook reader software to view, organize and manage all your ebooks in one place, including PDF, ePub and interactive ebooks in KBJ.

- 2GHz or faster processor; - 2G RAM or greater; - 200MB hard drive space and above

Please contact KooBits Ebook Reader publisher, KooBits Pte Ltd if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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