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15, May 2006
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A complete Listing, Pricing and Order Fulfillment management tool. Competing on the Amazon Marketplace requires a seller to be more efficient and timely with fulfilling order, setting competitive prices and listing inventory. Packing slips, sending customer emails and printing postage can consume many hours. Prices are constantly changing and have to be adjusted accordingly, bearing in mind the revenue and profit requirements of the seller. Inventory must be replenished to maintain revenue . AMan Pro automates many of these tasks and reduces the time involved considerably without requiring change to the seller's business process. AMan Pro provides customizable templates for packing slips, invoices and customer emails for the production of these items in bulk. Postage may be printed in bulk with delivery confirmation and cost data being saved. Items with DC may be tracked from the product. . For international orders, customs forms are printed with all the required data filled in. Issue refuds in bulk. Send out follow-up email with direct links to feedback page. Users report get 30% positive feedback! Prices may be manually or automatically adjusted according to a seller's strategy using the comprehensive built-in rules or advanced scripting facility. Automatic, timed repricing and uploads ensures that a seller is always competitive with other sellers. Apply min/max price to individual items. Base your prices on your costs. Factor in Amazon's price. Inventory may be listing individually or in bulk, with the items being scanned in or read in from a variety of file formats. See all the data including Amazon stats, other sellers. See other seller quantities and date of listing. Generate and import Amazon reports. View the status of uploads. Never have to visit your Amazon account web page!

Windows 2000 or later

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